Aftermath! Role Playing Game (RPG)

Aftermath RPG by Fantasy Games Unlimited GM Tools

Aftermath! is a role playing game (RPG) by Fantasy Games Unlimited.

Aftermath! Zombie Supplement

A Zombie Supplement with starting scenario for Aftermath!. This allows the inclusion of zombies in Aftermath! and gives a starting scenario that is compatible with new groups first being introduced to Aftermath! The supplement contains three pre-rolled characters for running the scenario. Players may roll their own if desired.
Download Supplement Here
HTH Player Cheat Sheet
Gun Player Cheat Sheet
Action Phase Count Down
Action Phase Count Down Example

Aftermath! was a fairly popular game back in the 80s among those GMs an players who loved the more realistic and detailed D20 games. I found the game too time intensive for all of the rolls need to make things happen, so I wrote a BASIC program to take care of some of the rolls for the GM and players. Years later, I wanted to play again, but the problem with the rolls was still there, soI developed this game master aid.

Aftermath! Game Master Aid Features

  • Character Creator
  • Reputation Management
  • Player Controlled Inventory Management
  • ENC Tracking (Gear Caclulations)
  • Weapon and Ammo Tracking
  • Weapon and Shield Tracking
  • Armor and Armor Class tracking
  • BCS Help Guide

Game Masters

  • NPC Generation
  • Opponent Action Tracking in DAT
  • Character Action Tracking in DAT
  • Weapon Damage Calcations
  • Random Towns
  • Random Shops
  • Random Encounters
  • Random Detail Generator (empty buildings...)
  • Hit Chart Quick Reference
Downtime And Game Time
  • Learning Rates
  • Travel Time
  • Weapon Damage Calcations
  • Search Calculator
  • Shop Contents Calculator
  • Cheatsheets (Quick Rule Reminders)
  • HTH Weapon and Gun Lists
  • Plus more...

Some features require login to allow Game Masters to hide things from players. Players do not need logins, their GMs can provide them with links to edit their inventory and reputations.

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