Calculate Hand to Hand BCS

Weapon Skill and BCS
SHOWBase Chance for Success (BCS) is from the skill list.
Average with Offhand Dexterity or other BCS
LEAVE BLANK if not being averaged
Average with Offhand:
Average with BCS:
SHOWAverage with offhand BCS when weapon is in offhand and not using knife skill.
Average with another BCS when performing a skill while attacking, such has riding a horse or driving.
Is the skill being averaged?
SHOWBCS/2 This is when you are doing something that requires a skill, such as riding a horse and attacking at the same time.
Attack Type?
Either averaged or secondary, can't be both
SHOWSecendary attack is averaged, this is like a polearm butt stroke. Second attack, such as knife does not go here.
Thrust Attack?
SHOWAttack types are Thrust, Swing, and Entangle. Weapon must be format T and declare Thrust
or weapon has only T attack type.
1 meter tall or higher fixed object in Zone of Influence?
SHOW-1 Per Object over 1 meter tall in the character Zone of Influence
Target is Prone?
SHOW+2 Target is Prone
Attacker Prone?
SHOW-10 Attacker Prone
Not using Unarmed Combat skill against an UNARMED opponent
Target Sitting or Kneeling?
SHOW+2 If Sitting or Kneeling
Attacker Sitting or Kneeling?
SHOW-5 If attacking while sitting or kneeling

(and not using Unarmed Combat)
Character Attacking to Their Own Side or Long Hex?
SHOW-5 Attack to Long or Side Hex
-1 Attack to Long or Side Hex with Long Weapon

(not using L or XL weapon attacking Long Hexes)
Character Attacking to Opponent Side or Long Hex?
SHOW+5 if Side or Long Hex
Character Attacking to Their Rear Hex?
SHOW-10 Attacking behind themselves
Character Attacking from Opponent Rear Hex?
SHOW+10 Attacking from Behind
i.e. Attacking from the rear hex
Attacking from Superior Position?
SHOW+1 Attack from Above
Attacking from Inferior Position?
SHOW-1 Attack From Below
SHOW-3 Dim Light
-5 Poor Light
-9 Darkness
-11 Totally Blind
Attacker's Wounds
SHOW-2 50% Wounded
-4 75% Wounded
Target Qualities (Preset from Target, can not be changed)
Unmodified CDA
SHOWCombat Dodge Ability (CDA) is the base CDA do not modify for movement.
Target Movement/CDA Modifier
Run CDAx3
SHOWWeapon Defense Ability (WDA) is Opponent BSC/5
Target Action CDA CDA Base WDA HTH
#1 Dog 15kg 4 4 1 5 4
#2 Dog 15kg 4 4 1 5 4
#3 Dog 15kg 4 4 1 5 4
#4 Dog 15kg 4 4 1 5 4

Remember: ZoI includes long front/side hexes for characters using L or XL weapons.
No attacks to Restriction Zone

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