Calculate Hand to Hand BCS

Brawling: Average BCS for Improvised Weapons, WDM = 1 + Hand AV/30

Weapon Skill and BCS
SHOWBase Chance for Success (BCS) is from the skill list.
Average with Offhand Dexterity or other BCS
LEAVE BLANK if not being averaged
Average with Offhand:
Average with BCS:
SHOWAverage with offhand BCS when weapon is in offhand and not using knife skill.
Average with another BCS when performing a skill while attacking, such has riding a horse or driving.
Is the skill being averaged?
SHOWBCS/2 This is when you are doing something that requires a skill, such as riding a horse and attacking at the same time.
Attack Type?
Either averaged or secondary, can't be both
SHOWSecendary attack is averaged, this is like a polearm butt stroke. Second attack, such as knife does not go here.
Thrust Attack?
SHOWAttack types are Thrust, Swing, and Entangle. Weapon must be format T and declare Thrust
or weapon has only T attack type.
1 meter tall or higher fixed object in Zone of Influence?
SHOW-1 Per Object over 1 meter tall in the character Zone of Influence
Target is Prone?
SHOW+2 Target is Prone
Attacker Prone?
SHOW-10 Attacker Prone
Not using Unarmed Combat skill against an UNARMED opponent
Target Sitting or Kneeling?
SHOW+2 If Sitting or Kneeling
Attacker Sitting or Kneeling?
SHOW-5 If attacking while sitting or kneeling

(and not using Unarmed Combat)
Character Attacking to Their Own Side or Long Hex?
SHOW-5 Attack to Long or Side Hex
-1 Attack to Long or Side Hex with Long Weapon

(not using L or XL weapon attacking Long Hexes)
Character Attacking to Opponent Side or Long Hex?
SHOW+5 if Side or Long Hex
Character Attacking to Their Rear Hex?
SHOW-10 Attacking behind themselves
Character Attacking from Opponent Rear Hex?
SHOW+10 Attacking from Behind
i.e. Attacking from the rear hex
Attacking from Superior Position?
SHOW+1 Attack from Above
Attacking from Inferior Position?
SHOW-1 Attack From Below
SHOW-3 Dim Light
-5 Poor Light
-9 Darkness
-11 Totally Blind
Attacker's Wounds
SHOW-2 50% Wounded
-4 75% Wounded
Target Qualities (Preset from Target, can not be changed)
Unmodified CDA
SHOWCombat Dodge Ability (CDA) is the base CDA do not modify for movement.
Target Movement/CDA Modifier
Run CDAx3
SHOWWeapon Defense Ability (WDA) is Opponent BSC/5
Target Action CDA CDA Base WDA HTH
#1 Dog 15kg 4 4 1 5 4
#2 Dog 15kg 4 4 1 5 4
#3 Dog 15kg 4 4 1 5 4
#4 Dog 15kg 4 4 1 5 4

Remember: ZoI includes long front/side hexes for characters using L or XL weapons.
No attacks to Restriction Zone

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