Grenades and Blast

Grenade Blast: Frag:

Check for Blast/Frag against Thrower. Useful if the grenade lands close to the thrower. See Outer Zone distance below.
Fragmentation Range of Explosion:
Primary Zone: 0m Frag BCS 16
Secondary Zone: 0m Frag BCS 12
Outer Zone: 0m Frag BCS 10
Blast Radius: 0m Blast Effects if in Zone


Rerun for each target.
Distance grenade explodes from this target Meters
Target CDA (base only, no modifiers)
Target Average Armor Value
Barrier Value between target and grenade Barrier value between target and frag source, normally zero
Target "Hittin' the Ground
Target Behind 90° Corner Include Barrier Value for corner for frag calculations
Explosion in a Confined Space Room smaller than 0m X 0m total size!

Grenade Misses

Thrown: Direction D6 for 1D6 meters.
Launcher: Direction D6 for 2D10 meters.

Flash Bangs

Flash bangs are considered to have a primary Fragmentation Zone of 5m.
They cause no subdual damage, but anyone in the primary Fragmentation Zone who is not "hitting the ground" or behind a barrier gets 10 distractions for one combat turn.
Book 2, Page 45 for references


All Hand Grenades have a 1 Combat Turn chemical timer for a fuse. This is armed when the Pin is pulled and the Spoon is released. Book 2, Page 49.

Common Grenades and Explosives

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Dynamite (TNT) 10 - 1 stick
Nitroglycerin 15 - 1 deciliter
Nitrocellulose 10 - 1 kg
Black Powder 5 - 1 kg
Ammonium Nitrate 5 - 1 kg
Plastique 20 - 1 kg
Blasting Powder 15 - 1 kg
Grenades Blast / Frag
M33 5 / 5
M67 6 / 9
M26 6 / 9
Mk. 1
5 / 2
Mk. 2
5 / 5
Stun Grenade 15 / 0
Flash Bang 10 / 0
M-1 Adapter 10 / 5
M-14 Adapter 15 / 5
22mm Rifle Grenade 15 / 10
22mm Canister Grenade 5 / 5 (5 Meter wide blast of up to 15m) Imagine a huge shotgun shell
22mm Smoke Grenade 0 / 0 Fills and area of 50 hexs with smoke
22mm Flachette Grenade 5 / 15 (5 Meter wide blast of up to 15m) Imagine a huge shogun that shoots tiny darts
22mm Rifle Grenade 15 / 10
40mm Launcher Grenade 5 / 5
60mm Mortar 15 /5
80mm Mortar 20 / 10
120mm Mortar 30 / 10
Claymore 5 / 10 (0-10m) BCS 18
0 / 8 (11-20m) BCS 14
0 / 6 (21-40m) BCS 11
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Character Skills
No character has Throwing.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

Word of warning: Grenades are dangerous. Players who throw grenades should be prepared to pay a high price.
Player Characters killed by their own grenades in our games: 3, other player characters killed by player character's bad tosses: 4

Throwing ranges are Here

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