Grenades and Blast

Grenade Blast: Frag:
Fragmentation Range of Explosion:
Primary Zone: 0m Frag BCS 16
Secondary Zone: 0m Frag BCS 12
Outer Zone: 0m Frag BCS 10
Blast Radius: m Blast Effects if in Zone


Grenade/Explosive lands Meters from thrower

Must be at least 1 meter away.
Thrower CDA: (Include modifiers)
Check for Blast/Frag against Thrower.


Rerun for each target.
Grenade/Explosive lands Meters from this target
Target CDA: (base only, no modifiers)
Target Average Armor Value:
Barrier Value between target and grenade:
Barrier value between target and frag source, normally zero
Target "Hittin' the Ground:"
Target Behind 90° Corner: Include Barrier Value for corner for frag calculations
Explosion in a Confined Space: Room smaller than 0m X 0m total size!
Explosion in space with SQ Meter of 0. Only if in a 0m X 0m room or smaller.

Grenade Misses

Thrown: Direction D6 for 1D6 meters.
Launcher: Direction D6 for 2D10 meters.

Flash Bangs

Flash bangs are considered to have a primary Fragmentation Zone of 5m.
They cause no subdual damage, but anyone in the primary Fragmentation Zone who is not "hitting the ground" or behind a barrier gets 10 distractions for one combat turn.
Book 2, Page 45 for references

Common Grenades and Explosives

Explosive Blast
Dynamite (TNT) 10 - 1 stick
Nitroglycerin 15 - 1 deciliter
Nitrocellulose 10 - 1 kg
Black Powder 5 - 1 kg
Ammonium Nitrate 5 - 1 kg
Plastique 20 - 1 kg
Blasting Powder 15 - 1 kg
Grenades Blast / Frag
M33 5 / 5
M67 6 / 9
M26 6 / 9
Mk. 1
5 / 2
Mk. 2
5 / 5
Stun Grenade 15 / 0
Flash Bang 10 / 0
M-1 Adapter 10 / 5
M-14 Adapter 15 / 5
22mm Rifle Grenade 15 / 10
22mm Canister Grenade 5 / 5 (5 Meter wide blast of up to 15m) Imagine a huge shotgun shell
22mm Smoke Grenade 0 / 0 Fills and area of 50 hexs with smoke
22mm Flachette Grenade 5 / 15 (5 Meter wide blast of up to 15m) Imagine a huge shogun that shoots tiny darts
22mm Rifle Grenade 15 / 10
40mm Launcher Grenade 5 / 5
60mm Mortar 15 /5
80mm Mortar 20 / 10
120mm Mortar 30 / 10
Claymore 5 / 10 (0-10m) BCS 18
0 / 8 (11-20m) BCS 14
0 / 6 (21-40m) BCS 112
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Character Skills
No character has Throwing.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

Word of warning: Grenades are dangerous. Players who throw grenades should be prepared to pay a high price.
Player Characters killed by their own grenades in our games: 3, other player characters killed by player character's bad tosses: 4

Throwing ranges are Here

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