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Study Skills

Character Communicative
Sample PC 1 0 3
Sample PC 2 1 3
Character Learning Rate (WT Grp)
Teacher must have a higher BCS than the student in the skill being taught.
Teacher must have a Communicative Talent > 0 to teach.
Teacher may teach multiple students.
A Teacher may teach two subjects and multiple students, if they aren't learning that session.
Governing Talent Score Review Skills
Talent greater than 9 adds + 1
Weeks of Study
Current Skill Score 1-200*
*101-200 for combat skills

[not BCS]
Solo Study? (No Teacher, No Books) -2
Studying language locally in use +1
No Facilities? -2
Technical Skills require reference books and tools of the trade as facilities. Weapon skills need the correct weapon to use during training. If these are not available, then you have no facilities.
Language no longer in use? -2
Character also teaching during time? -3
Not Freely Improvable Skill? -2
Talent must be > than 0.
Not Freely Improvable Skill requires dominate talent to be greater than zero.
(Will be listed in bold on page 2 of character sheet if not Freely Improvable)
Wounded? -2
Skill Format
Format 3 Skill - Combat Skill? To determine the max skill score only
Firearm Specific Questions
Firearm skill?
Is Firearm Full Auto?
No ammo usage for firearm skill? -2
Firearm extra ammo bonus apply? +1
Extra ammo bonus applies to increased ammo usage. Since bows have unlimited ammo, this may be checked for slings, slingshots, crossbow, archery, and other projectile-based mussel based weapons.

Stored Books

Item Where

Learning By Doing - Standard

Character must roll less than their talent score on a D20 to gain 1 score point. Critical Success gives 2 points.

Learning By Doing - Accelerated (optional)

Character gains one point each game when the skill is used successfully in an important way that had an effect on the game. (Not practicing on a lock in an easy chair) This method works for games that play less often but players want to see characters gain over time.

Skill Training Book

In random finds, characters will find things like "Commerce Skill Training Book".
These will allow the character to solo learn skills without the need of a teacher. (At the GMs discretion) In order to use a Skill Training Book, the character must have a 25 score in any prerequisite skills. Students can not combine them with teachers for a bonus. (Expert Teacher +2)

Learning and Teaching

A character may Study two Skills, Study one Skill and Teach another or Teach two Skills. When a character is Studying two Skills during one Study period his base Learning Rate is Wit Group/2, nearest.

Study and Skill Improvement, Book 1, Page 44

"In the absence of a Teacher, a successful BCS roll with Literacy will allow the Text to function as a Teacher. If a Teacher is available, the successful Literacy BCS roll will grant the reader a +1 to his learning Rate for that week due to use of the Text.", Book 2, Page 54

Option: When a character increases a Skill to 20, they may roll a D20 over their current Talent score to gain one point in that talent.

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