Random Weather


Wind effects for next days. Wind gusts to 25 kph (16 mph)

Hot Climate

The blanket rules for hot climate can be summed up as requiring a Survival BCS each day, or else the character needs twice as much water that day.

Cold Climate

Cold weather will not bother characters warmly dressed (quilted cloth (Q-??) on Chest and Legs or Chest, Legs and Head, and at least light cloth everywhere else except hands and face). Gamemasters setting an adventure in arctic conditions can require special clothes, likewise, those having characters assault mountain peaks. Characters not dressed for winter will suffer from Exposure. They are always Partially Fatigued when in the cold for over 10 minutes times Healing Rate. If forced to spend the night exposed to the elements, they must use Survival Skill to protect themselves, or risk catching Pneumonia, which is described in the Gamesmaster’s rule book under Sample Diseases.

Keeping Warm

A fire can be used to keep warm. The wood required per night is 1 Fuel: Wood supply per night if used in a stove or other highly efficient heating device. 2 units are used for an open camp fire. Note camp fires can not be used in included spaces.


Character Skills
Sample PC 1 Survival, Urban
Sample PC 2 Survival, Rural
NOTE: Characters shown here are sample characters for your reference. If you log in as a GM and add characters to your game, the characters shown here will be those from your game.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

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