Bowyer Output Calculator

Bowyer Production

This Skill requires the character's full attention 8 hour to make arrows/bolts.
The task period is 3 days without a workshop.

The character rolls a WT Group Effect Die and makes that many arrows.

Shaft TYPE shop skill
Improvised Wood Simple Tool None
Wood Tool Kit 1 Bowyer
Fiberglass Took Kit 1 Bowyer
Aluminium Machine Shop Bowyer with Machinist
Carbonfiber Took Kit 1 Bowyer with Plastics Forming
ARROW HEAD shop required skill
Standard Metal Machine Shop (Includes Tool Kit 1) Machinist
Improvised (-3 BCS & 1/2 WDM) Tool Kit 1 Bowyer
The character needs a workshop or Took Kit 1 to make arrows, or time is 3 days rather than one.

Arrows and Bolts require shafts and heads.

One unit of BOYER supplies for shafts for one days production, one for each head. Target arrows can use just tips, which are easier to make and do not require a supply.

Craft Supplies
Shafts (DFT Effect Die) 1 Bower Supply Per Day of Production
Heads 1 Machining Per Head Produced

Example: A player rolls a DFT Effect die of 6. It will make 6 arrows and require 1 boywer supply and 6 machining supplies. Note machining and bowyer supplies can be created from scrapping in areas with scrap metal and trees.

Shown NPC

Character Skills
No character has Bowyer, or Machining.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

Class Units Located at
No supplies for these skill(s)

Bowyer Efficiency


REQUIRES TOOL KIT 1 - a general Tool Kit or higher utility, or a workshop.

Bowyer makes arrows and bolts shafts (wood, fiberglass, with machinist, metal shafts).

Machinist makes metal heads.
Bowyer can make improvised metal heads.

Bows and Crossbows

Preperation of wood takes 2D6 Weeks to cure. (does not require character spend any time once started)
Bows take 15 - WT Group Effect Die days to complete with cured wood.

Book 2, page 18, "This Skill allows a character to produce arrows and bows. With the proper materials and equipment"
"The tools needed for this Skill are found in aTool Kit 1. A simple knife is sufficient but will triple all working times."
"In the case of a bow using wood in its construction, the wood must be cured and prepared. This process will take 2D6 weeks but does not require the constant supervision of the Bowyer."

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