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This analyzer determines the viability of your party in a standard 20 years after the campaign. The tool's utility is reduced for 150-year-after games but will still provide some useful data, but those parties may be less technically inclined. The tool is for the current party does not include any NPCs that may join.

Characters' Capabilities

Party Analysis

Party Combat Capabilities

No heavy combat character (Autoweapon or Grenade Launcher)
No Bow characters, party is firearm dependent
No one can throw skillfully
No capable unarmed combat character
No capable tactics character

Survival Capabilities

These environments may be problematic if you plan to encounter them:
Survival in Urban areas
Survival in Rural areas
Survival in Artic areas
Survival in Desert areas
Survival in Oceanic areas

Non-Technical Capabilities

The party can not travel on the water
No automobile driver
No heavy equipment driver
No capability to hunt or fish
No Tracker
No Climber
Group can't use boats
Group can't search
No stealth character
No character can Swim

Non-Technical Knowledges

Group can't farm
No capability to build structures
Group can't preserve food using fermentation
Group can't quickly improve non-metal armor
Group has no bower

Technical Skills

Group can not setup a lab
Group can not pick or relock locks
Group can not open safes
Group can not open magnalocks
Group can not make armor, plastic or metal
Group has no machinist
Group can not form plastics
Group can not make weapons or bows
Group can not use architecture to determine structural stability
Group can not use computers well
Group has no doctor
Group can not make drugs
Group can not repair electronics
Group can not repair and maintain firearms
Group can not repair and maintain automobiles
Group can not produce explosives
Group has no one with plumbing skill

High Tech Knowledges

These are not important, but can be nice
Group does not have High Tech Use
Group has no pilot
Group can not produce fuel
Group can not produce electrical power

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