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Armor Name Material AV Cold Weather
Anorak Insulated Cloth 2
Archer's Ring Light Cloth 1
Arm Harness Heavy Cloth 2
Automotive Jumpsuit Heavy Cloth 2
Balaclava Heavy Cloth 2
Ball Cap Heavy Cloth 2
Bandana Light Cloth 1
Beanie Heavy Cloth 2
Bikini Bottom Light Cloth 1
Bikini Top Light Cloth 1
Body Armor Plastihide 4
Casual Shirt Light Cloth 1
Chest Plate Natural Leather Armor 5
Climbing Helmet Hard Plastic 4
Cold Weather Boots Insulated Cloth 2
Combat Boots Heavy Leather 4
Deck Shoes Light Cloth 1
Dexterity Gloves Plasticloth 3
Dress Boots Light Cloth 1
Dress Shirt Light Cloth 1
Driving Gloves Light Leather 3
Elbow Pads Hard Plastic 4
Face Shield Clear Plastic 2
Fatigues Heavy Cloth 2
Flannel Shirt Insulated Cloth 2
Fleece Jacket Heavy Cloth 2
Flight Crew Life Vest Plasticloth 3
Football Core Guard Hard Plastic 4
Football Hip Guards Plasticloth 3
Football Pads Hard Plastic 4
Football Rib Vest Hard Plastic 4
Gardening Gloves Heavy Cloth 2
Gas Mask Hard Plastic 4
Gore-Tex Jacket Insulated Cloth 2
Hard Hat Hard Plastic 4
Hazmat Suit Plasticloth 3
Headlamp Light Cloth 1
Heavy Boots Heavy Leather 4
High Tech Winter Jacket Winterized Heavy Cloth 3
Hiking Boots Heavy Cloth 2
Hiking Pants Light Cloth 1
Hockey Mask Hard Plastic 4
Hunting Cap Heavy Cloth 2
Hunting Jacket Winterized Heavy Cloth 3
Hunting Shirt Heavy Cloth 2
Insolated Jumpsuit Quilted Heavy Cloth 3
Insolated Pants Quilted Heavy Cloth 3
Insulated Underwear Quilted Light Cloth 2
Jacket Heavy Cloth 2
Jean Jacket Heavy Leather 4
Jeans Heavy Cloth 2
Jumpsuit Heavy Cloth 2
Jungle Boots Plasticloth 3
Kahtoola Traction Shoes (Snow) Hard Plastic 4
Karatands Rigiplast 7
Knee Guard Hard Plastic 4
Knee High Boots Light Leather 3
Leather Belt Light Hide 2
Leather Boots Heavy Hide 3
Leather Gloves Light Leather 3
Leather Jacket Light Leather 3
Leather Shoes Light Leather 3
Leather Shorts Heavy Leather 4
Life Jacket Quilted Plasticloth 4
Long Gloves Heavy Cloth 2
Long Jacket Quilted Heavy Cloth 3
Long Underwear Light Cloth 1
Matte Black Helmet Plastex 6
Mittens Heavy Cloth 2
Pants Light Cloth 1
Pants, Jeans Heavy Cloth 2
Pants, Tactical Heavy Cloth 2
Pirate Shirt Plasticloth 3
Polo Shirt Heavy Cloth 2
Poncho Quilted Heavy Cloth 3
Prescription Glasses Clear Plastic 2
Rain Jacket Heavy Cloth 2
Riot Helmet Hard Plastic 4
Running Shoes Heavy Cloth 2
Sandles Light Hide 2
Scarf Plasticloth 3
Scottish Kilt Heavy Cloth 2
Shin Guard Hard Plastic 4
Shorts Heavy Cloth 2
Sleeveless Shirt Light Cloth 1
Snake Bite Proof Gaiters Synthiplast 5
Socks Light Cloth 1
Sun Glasses Clear Plastic 2
Tactical Pants Heavy Cloth 2
Tshirt Light Cloth 1
Underwear Light Cloth 1
Vest Heavy Cloth 2
Visor Hard Plastic 4
Winter Gloves Quilted Heavy Cloth 3
Winter Gloves Winterized Heavy Cloth 3
Winter Hat Light Plastisheet 1
Winter Jacket Quilted Heavy Cloth 3
Winter Jacket Winterized Heavy Cloth 3
Winter Pants Winterized Heavy Cloth 3
Work Gloves Heavy Leather 4
Wrist Guard Light Leather 3
Wrist Guard Hard Plastic 4
Wrist Watch Mesh Aluminum Alloy 5
Yoga Pants Light Cloth 1
While Quilted Bike Shorts aren't technically winter wear, they are insulated due to being quilted. The rest are actual winter stuff.

Commonly Available Clothing

Common armor is more typical of a 0-day apocalypse or something that happened quickly a short time ago. These will be items that people found in their basements, garages, and sporting good stores they went to for survival equipment.

The idea is that on day one, everyone isn't going to be wearing studded leather and steel breastplates. These armors would be common and useful, without giving everything a Beyond Thunderdome feel.

Some of these items are specialty items that may come into play in role-playing situations rather than combat situations. Obviously, no one would be going into combat in a Bikini or Kilt, but someone might find themselves in one of those items.

Hard Plastic armor was added to simulate the various amounts of hard plastic items we see in common sports equipment now days. For example face shields, climbing helmets, and batting helmets.

Stores and Bazaar

Stores and Bazaars can be populated with either traditional armor or common armor. The difference being traditional (Aftermath) armor tends to be higher values and a lot of heavy plastics, quilted and reinforced things. These may or may not be in a specific campaign.

How Common Clothing Works

• Common Clothing is basic armor with a new name.

Clothing is based on basic armor. For example, a hat and a helmet both cover locations 1 and 2. If you want to create a "Hunting Hat" there is no need to create another item that covers locations 1 and 2; you can make a Common Clothing which is a "Hat" called a "Hunting Hat."

• Common Clothing is not armor and has a lower AV and is made from common materials like cloth or leather.

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