Moving Through Occupied Hexes

Personal Mass is Personal ENC + 1/3 of gear. Note running through a friendly characters hex is always opposed. Opposing Character gets a free attack. (May get two if entering ZoI not using a combat move)

Unopposed Walking [Character opposing is friendly or not concious]

DFT AST to avoid, failure means they can’t exit the hex that turn.

Unopposed Running or Opposed - Deliberate Knockdown

1. Compare STR Group Effect die, add mass difference to larger character’s effect die.

STR Effect result + (Personal Mass for larger - Personal Mass for larger smaller) = Stopping Effect

2. Loser gets stopping effect equal to Effect Die difference.

Stopping Effects by effect die difference

Effect Number Effect
> 1 Knock Back 2D3 meters (DFT AST to avoid knockback)
> 5 Knock Back 2D3 meters
  • AST to avoid
  • DFT CST to stay on feet
> 10 Knock Back 2D3 meters
  • automatic knock down
  • Both characters must take PCA phases before taking action.
  • Defending Charcter take minus (Effect Difference) to BCS for current action.
Character Personal ENC Total ENC Personal Mass Personal Mass
Sample PC 1 3.7 7.32 4 7
Sample PC 2 4.6 10.70 6 9
Personal ENC is Personal ENC is usually between 3.5 and 4.5 depending on Bulk and Size.
Total ENC is Personal ENC plug Gear ENC
Personal Mass is Personal ENC + 1/3 of Gear
Personal Mass (Charging) is - (Personal ENC + 1/3 of Gear) time 1.5
Numbers for NPC and opponents are guesstimates. GM should use best values known.

Firearms and ZOI

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