Exposure Effect
First Degree (200 REM) The character will become Fully Fatigued and show the Nausea symptom given in Book 1 after a number of hours equal to his Health Group plus the roll of 1D10. He will remain in this state for a number of hours equal to 30 minus his Health AST. There are no further symptoms.
Second Degree (500 REM) The character evinces First Degree symptoms as given above. He will than be apparently normal for a number of weeks equal to his Health Group. After this time he will show the next set of symptoms. Hair will be lost, he will display the symptom of Purpura, and he will suffer a lowered white blood cell count, so that any wound can cause infection. He will be in a state of permanent Partial Fatigue, and further stress will Fully Fatigue him. He will remain in this state until he can make a Health AST, rolling daily. He will then recover within a number of days equal to 6 minus his Health Group.
Third Degree (750 REM) The character evinces the same symptoms as in Second Degree Radiation Poisoning, but the second onset of the symptoms is accompanied by an Advance up Health. When the Advance reaches the CST, the character is permanently Fully Fatigued. When it reaches the AST, he will become delirious and feverish. At an Advance equal to the Health score, Crisis occurs. The "Virulence" of the condition is 3.
Forth Degree (1000 REM) The same as Third Degree, but the Virulence of the condition if 4, and the Advance is down the Health: when the effective health is reduced to the current AST, Full Fatigue results. At the CST, delirium. When Health is reduced below 1, Crisis.
The Gamesmaster should assign a value to such contamination in REM per Hour. When the characters have absorbed a given number of REM, they will contract the appropriate "degree" of Radiation Poisoning.

During every week that a Character avoids further exposure to radiation, his system will purge itself of REM equal to his Health score. A physician’s care can increase this figure by the doctor’s Wit Group Effect Die roll, if daily attention can be given to the case. Roll the Advanced Medical Skill BCS at the end of the week, when the REM purged are calculated. The use of 1 Medikit Unit per day in the week will increase the BCS by 1 and the effective Wit Group by the same.

Weekly: REM = REM - (HLH + Doctor's WT Effect Die)
Weekly with Anarad: REM = REM - ((HLH + Doctor's WT Effect Die) * 20)
Character Exposure in REM: Doctors WT Group: With Anarad:

A chemical compound of the versene series, operating to flush radioactive ions from tissues of the human body. A “Dose? of Anarad is a series of graded injections, used daily over the course of a week. It increases the rate at which REM are purged from the body by 20. A full set is .25 ENC.

An injection which helps the body resist external levels of high radiation. Rated from 1 to 5, a Dose of Anti-REM will cause the actual REM rating of the environment to be multiplied by a factor equal to (10-Drug Rating)/lO.

Anti-REM 1 - Blocks 10% of radiation
Anti-REM 3 - Blocks 30% of radiation
Anti-REM 5 - Blocks 50% of radiation

Anti-REM 5 halves the effects of radioactive exposure. One Dose will last for 48 hours. Multiple Doses may be used to add up the effects, as in taking two Doses of Anti- REM 1 to get the effect of Anti-REM 2, but the maximum protection the drug can afford is a rating of 5. Further Doses have no effect.

Anti-REM lasts 48 hours and blocks.

Anti-Radiation Suit (Hazmat)
For use by disaster workers or plant workers in radioactively contaminated areas. A simple air filter keeps radioactive particles out of the wearer's lungs, so no breathing apparatus is needed. The exposure to local radioactivity is cut by 100% when the suit is at full efficiency (ie., never before used). This protection is degraded by 5% per 100 REM of exposure taken by the suit. In a 500-REM- per-Hour area of contamination, the suit will be reduced 5% in efficiency every .2 hours, or 12 minutes. It will be down to 75% after the first hour, 50% after the second, and completely useless after a total of four hours.

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