Zombie Supplement Charts

Inactive Zombie Detection Roll

Inactive zombies between 50m and 15m away, what do they do.


Zombie Close Detection Roll

Inactive Zombies are close (within 15m). What do they do.

Zombie Chase Result

When zombies lose sight of people they are chasing.


Inactive Zombies: Zombies have not been alerted to the presents of live humans. They stand around or wander in small areas.
Active Zombies: When zombies enter Alerted mode, they will begin to move around, shuffling in circles or random patterns toward the point of detection at 3m per turn. Zombies will remain in Alerted Mode for 3D6 minutes.
Chase Mode: Zombies in Chase Mode actively move (at a run, if possible) toward humans they can see. They run directly at them, failing to take safer or more effective routes.
Zombie Routing: Zombies at a window or fence will stand and look at humans, not sure how to get through the window. If enough zombies are present, they will break down the barrier by pushing against it. Zombies in Chase Mode who have seen humans use an obsticle, such as closing a door, will attempt to actively break down the door.
Spliting Up: Zombies who encounter more than one route in Chase mode will split into roughly the same size groups and go in all possible directions.

Leaping Zombies

Leaping Procedure Requirements
  • The leaping zombie must be within 4m of the target character
  • The leaping zombie must be at least 1m from the target character
  • The leaping zombie must take and attack action to leap, consider PCA when attacking
  • The leap is consider an opposed entry into the character hex and a deliberate knockdown attempt
  • The character's actions are limited if successfully grappled
  • Knockdown is independent of Grapple
Note: The leap is an attack action and is considered a combat move, so the zombie is not zone locked, and the character does not get a free attack.


1. Determine Knockdown

Character Leaper Compare
Roll STR Group Effect Die Roll 1D10 + 1 Zombie - Character = Effect Number
2. Apply on Chart:

Effect Number Effect
Zero or less Unsuccessful
Greater Than 1 Knock Back 2D3 meters
  • AST to avoid knockback
Greater Than 5 Knock Back 2D3 meters
  • AST to avoid knockback
  • DFT CST to stay on feet
Greater Than 10 Knock Back 2D3 meters
  • automatic knock down
  • Both characters must take PCA phases before taking action.
  • Defending Character take minus (Effect Difference) to BCS for current action.
3. Determine Grapple:

Character Leaper
- DFT AST to Grapple (D20 = 10 or less)
4. If Successful Grapple:

Character Leaper
- Determine Location
Arm - Latched on, disarmed if weapon hand. May attempt standard bite attack with BCS minus armor value
Leg - May attempt take down each phase. Each roll STR effect die - attacker > defender = take down, otherwise failed take down. Use STR GRP 3 for zombie (1D10). Character can not walk or run. May attempt standard bite attack with BCS minus armor value.
Body, Head, Neck - Constriction/choke attack - 1D10 Per phase attached. Rigid armor 1/2 damage.
If unsuccessful the leaper lands in the player hex.

5. Grappled Character May On the following action:

Perform Action to break - STR AST (No BCS)
Perform Brawling Action - Full brawling BCS (Break Grapple).
Perform Brawling Attack at -5 BCS
Fire Weapon (DFT AST Required) at 50% or -5 BCS (higher)

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