Name Vector Format Target Incubation Period Virulence Group Cycle Time Notes
Pneumonia D - HLH 1D3 Hours 3 3 Hours Pain, Weakness
Amoebic Dysentry G + HLH 1D6+1 Days 2 1 Day Diarrhoea
Smallpox A or G + HLH 2D6 Days 4 1 Day Pain, Nausea, Lesions
Diptheria G - HLH 1D6+1 Days 2 1 Day Nausea, Pain, Ulcerations in Throat
Brucellosis G or S 0 STR 1D3 Weeks 2 1D3 Weeks Nausea, Weakness
Botulism G or S - DFT and HLH 1D3 Hours 10 10-60 Minutes Pain, Vomiting, Dizziness, and Paralysis
Typhoid G + HLH 4D6 Days 4 2D3 Days Pain, Weakness, Diarrhorea
Zombie S - WL 1D20+2 Min. 4 6 min Weakness, Green Skin Coloration

Acute Disease Progression

1. Exposure Help Video
HLH AST - Virulence Group, success equals no further effects.

2. Post Exposure
Pathology BCS Roll:: Success (BCS - Virulence Group), success equals no further effects.

3. First Save:
HLH AST modified by: + Antibotic Strength
(requires Advanced Med BCS success to use Antibotic)
-1 for greater than 50% DRT lost
-2 for greater than 75% DRT lost

4. (Repeat until target is 0 or less) - Progression (by cycle)
Effect Dice (Virulence Group to determine effect dice) against Target Atribute
HLH AST - Virulence Group to recover

5. Crisis Target Attribute is reduce to zero or below
HLH CST (no modifications)
Save survived, failed save, death.


Aerosol - Infection is Airborne
Subcutaneous - Must get under skin
Gastric - Must be eaten
Dermal - Skin contact is enough


- Acute
+ episodic
(0) chronic

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