Action Phase Movement
Character may move in the direction of one of their frontal hexes their Base Movement Allowance per action phase. Facing will be adjusted so that the vacated hex is behind them.

Sideways and Backwards
A character can walk sideways or backwards. If the accumulated distance traveled exceeds their CDA they must make a DFT AST to avoid falling.

Change Facing
Can change facing by using one Action Phase. If ENGAGED DFT AST to avoid free attack.

CDA: Walk x 2, Running X 3, Dodge + 1 (1/2 BMA distance), Falling x 3


Category 3:
Achieved by running for a full combat Turn or Charging. Character must move on a number of phases equal to his PCA [Phases Consumed in Action] at is normal BMA [Base Movement Allowance] after which he will be category 2. All movement must be out of frontal hexes.

Category 2:
Achieved by moving at a dodge-run or by reduction from above. Character must move one phase at his normal BMA after which he will be category 1. All movement must be out of a frontal hex.

Category 1:
Achieved by moving at a dodge or run or by reduction from above. Character must move one phase at his normal BMA after which he will be at category 0. All movement must be out of a frontal hex.

Category 0:
Achieved by moving at a walk

FRONTAL HEX: Those hexes with FRONT in them on the display to the right.

Character can roll a SPD AST to reduce category by 1 when slowing.


The Jump Action allows the character to execute a jump under the following restriction: To qualify for a running version of a jump the character must satisfy the conditions of charging, i.e they must have run for more than 10-(SPD GRP) phases.

For the standing version, they must walk before jumping.
Jump Actions do not get the 1 meter combat move.


Category 3: Running for full combat turn

Category 2: Running and Dodging

Category 1: Dodge Walking or Running

Category 0: Walking

Deliberate KNOCKDOWN

Character must be in same hex.
Compare STR GRP effect die where higher mass character adds mass to effect result.
Lower effect result character receives stopping effect equal to effect die roll result difference.


BASH take ENC of attacker minus ENC of target. That is the chance in 20 of a BASH. Treat as missile stopping effect.


  1. Character must run 10- (SPD GRP) phases to initiate charge.
  2. Character must have a longer weapon than target to attack first.
  3. Character must successfully BASH anything in the way of the attack.
  4. Character must run in a mostly straight line.
If the conditions are met, then the character attacks and doubles their special effects roll.
Influence Zone (orange), Long or X-Long Weapons (Red)

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