Gun Combat Modifiers

NOTE: These are automatically calculated in Gun BCS, HTH BCS and Bow BCS

Base BCS = BCS - (Restrictions + Distractions + Situational Modifier)
Adjusted BCS = Base BCS - Target Overall Defense Ability

Averaging Skill: Attacker BCS + Averaging BCS / 5
Note: Never higher than base BCS

Range Modifiers

BCS +1 +1 0 -1 -2 -5
BDG +10 0 0 -10% -25% -50%

Stopping Effects

BDG / (Personal ENC + .5(ENC Cap) = Stopping
Average Personal ENC = 4.0, average Enc cap 9, average mass: 8

Stopping > 4 Knock back 2D3 Meters + DFT AST
Stopping > 8 Knock Back 2D3 Meters + DFT CST
Stopping > 12 Knock Back 2D3 Meters, Automatic Knock Down
  GM NOTE: These are adjusted to be more realistic

Shooter Movement

Combat Move -1 BCS
Walk Hip fire, -2 BCS
Running Hip fire, -4 BCS
Dodge Double base movement penalty

Target Movement

Target Combat Move
CDA x 1
Target Walking
CDA x 2
Target Running or Falling
CDA x 3
Target Dodging
-1 to BCS

Missile Weapon Situation Modifiers

Each Distraction
Each Restriction
Hip Fire
Average BCS
Damaged In Combat Turn
Firing Gun in Each Hand
Shooting Newly Acquired Target
In Firing Stance
Braced Weapon (requires Stance)
Sighted (requires Stance)
Shooting to Side Hex
Shooting to Rear Hex
Firing Over or Around Cover
Recoil (BDG/10 up) - (STR Grp or Alteration score)

Missile Special Effects

Calculated per shot Missile Special Effect chance is if D100 < modified BDG (times any special effects from bullets such as hollow point). For Burst, it is the same, even though many bullets hit at the same time.

Shock Factor

Shock factor is calculated per shot. So if a character is hit 4 times in one action phase, there is a chance for up to 4 shock rolls. Shock factor for NPCs is always 10.

Inherent Accuracy

Pistol: Snub
Pistol: SHT
Pistol: STD
Pistol: LNG
Shotgun: Slug
Shotgun: Shot
Firearms have an Inherent Accuracy which is added to the Talent-based BCS of the inexperienced user. It is based on the overall class of weapon and its BBL. If the user’s own BCS in the weapon, based on a Gun Skill, exceeds the score derived from his Combative Talent and the Inherent Accuracy, then it is used instead of that score. Inherent Accuracy is effective only for those who are NOT trained in using the weapon!

Shots Per Action

1,2 - DA
1,2,3 - AL
1-3 Bursts - AB
1-3 Bursts - FA

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