MG attacks or attacks on Vehicles

For MG attacks on targets, input target information. For Vehicle attacks from MGs input vehicle information. For single rounds from standard firearms, select "Single Rounds From Firearm" and calculate DUR loss.

Rate Factor:
Total Traverse Hexes:
Ignored for single shots against vehicles
Total Targets in Traverse Areas
Barrier Protecting Target
0 for SOFT targets,
Barrier Value for INTERMEDIATE Targets
Vehicle Damage Resistance/Current Durability / if vehicle

Machine Gun Fire Procedure

1. Declare Rate of Fire
RpM Rate Factor Rounds per AP
or Traverse
Under 500 RpM D6 x .5 20
500-750 RpM 2D3 x .5 30
751 - 1000 RpM D10 x .5 40
Over 1000 RpM 2D5 x .5 50
6000 RpM (Minigun) 2D5 x .5 150

2. Select Target Hex (Roll Autoweapon)
If hit, then
3. Declare Traverse
Lethal Zone is three hexes (orange). Then can be end to end or side to side.
If miss, then
Rate of fire is reduced by one. May roll again if still above 500rpm.
LMG 50 125 250 500 1000 2000
MiniGun 25 125 200 300 500 1000
HMG 50 250 500 1000 2000 4000

Traversing and Targeting Moving Vehicles

Note on MG traverse. MGs can not Traverse into a vehicle target that is moving faster than 40kph (3 hexes per AP at 40kph) in DAT since the target hex is outside of the traverse range behind the vehicle. They need to take a new action to attempt to acquire it aging. If the vehicle is it, the shooter can traverse as the vehicle moves, provided it is traveling less than 40kph, otherwise the vehicle will leave the traverse zone due to movement.

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