Firearm Stance

Basic Stances

Basic stances lowest to highest control.
  • Hip Fire: Allows full movement, including run, but lacks control. Average BCS.
  • Present Stance: Basic Firing Position. Allows freedom of movement. May fire out of front and side hex.
  • Full Stance: The braced postion allowing maximum control of aim. May fire out of front hexes. May not speak. +1 to BCS.

Firer Actions

Brace Weapon
It requires 1 Action without firing to assume a Brace, and the firer must be in Full Stance before commencing the Action. Long Guns require a sling or strap to enter brace. +1 BCS.
Rest Weapon
It requires 1 Action without firing to assume a Rest, and the firer must be in Full Stance before commencing the Action, doesn't stack with Brace. The firer rests the weapon on a stable, horizontal surface. +1 BCS.


While Surprised, characters can at best get off shots from Hip Fire. Only when they have had a chance to react to the situation can they upgrade their stance to Present.
Newly Accuired Targets
It will require 1 Action to "draw a bead" on that target, although this may be done while firing, or changing Stance, or what have you. Does not apply to new targets that are near prior targets, GM's decression. -2 BCS.
Note this does not apply to targets that the shooter can move aim to without pulling away from the sights. The important factor is does the shoot have to look around for new targets or just point the gun.
Sighted Fire
As stated, a character in Full Stance may take an Action to Sight his shot. + 1 BCS.
Automatic when in brace with ACOG, Laser Sight, or Red Dot sights.

DAT Declare

Stance, Brace, Sight
Prior to entering DAT, players may declare "Stance, Brace, Sight," so they enter DAT with a +3 to their BCS. They lose the Sight bonus if they change to a new target that is not near the sighted target. They lose all bonuses of they take a combat move or walk.

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