Bulk Description
VSm Very Small able to be hidden in a hand
Sm Small can be held and used with one hand
Med Medium held and used in one hand but significantly larger than the hand
Lg Large usable with one hand, up to a meter in length
VLg Very Large held or carried in one hand, but requires to hands to use properly
HG1 Huge 1 Greater than 1m long, two hands to carry
HG2 Huge 2 Mattress, coffin
HG3 Huge 3 Horse, cart, small car


Mass Description
VLt Very Light Wood, paper, feathers, cloth
Lt Light flesh, leather, water, heavy woods
Hvy Heavy Stone, gemstones, iron, brass
VHvy Very Heavy lead, silver, etc.
MS1 Massive 1 Gold, Platinum
MS2 Massive 2 Uranium, Plutonium

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