Operation Morpheus Character Generation

Operation Morpheus has a slightly different character generation system, which is explained here. The method isn't precisely the Morpheus system, but a slightly improved method


Distribute Talents as closely to what players talents are as possible.


Attributes reflect a character in the Aftermath, not the person playing the character. Attributes are too important to the game to try to be realistic here. If you feel you have a single attribute of 15 or above, Olympic Metals, State or National Champion ship awards will be accepted as proof.


  • You are the Character, this means that the Character gets, free, any Skills that the GM can be convinced that you have to an acceptable level (he may offer it at half 'normal' initial Skill Level, full Initial Skill Level or double final Skill Level) - but the GM's word is final.
  • The character may buy an additional 20 skill points of skills they may not know, but may not use these points to double any skills.
  • On top of the above Skills, you will get free, those that would typically go to a PC of Age Group 5.
  • All 'Development Points' are taken as Attribute Increase Points.'

Realistic Operation Morpheus Character Generation

One issue with Morpheous characters is that players who are a little older may have many skills they believe they should possess. While in some cases, this is realistic, in others, it is just fantasy. Players should limit their skills to the top 10 non-combat skills in their personal inventory to limit issues. For combat skills, they are determined by actual military, police or federal experience only, except for Rifle and Pistol Modern, Archery and Crossbow. Then those combat skills are limited to four skills plus the exceptions above.

Online Play Setup


This is the software you will need to install:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.discord
iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/discord/id985746746

You will need to install Discord and setup a free account.
You will need a microphone, like the earbuds that came with your phone. Using a speaker phone is not acceptable.

Roll20 is https://roll20.net/
You will need a Free Roll20 account

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