Aftermath! Opponent Generator

This tool is best used by a GM who is logged in to their account, since you will have no player characters to fight with. You may test this tool without an account, but having an account makes it possible to use properly.

This generates random opponents for Aftermath! and adds them to the DAT display (Aftermath! Combat Manager).

Encounter Level:
Equipment Level:
Leader Type:
Only First One is a Leader,if is leader selected
Allow HTH Weapons
Allow Guns
Standard Armor Only
Real armor, no Aftermath! Armors such as studded leather.

Improvised, Reinforced and Quilted NOT Allowed
Allow Plastic Armor
Heavy armor only. Reduces looting value.
Low Lethality
(makes 25% less powerful, reduces BCS, AVs, gun and HTH percentages)
Allow Random Loot Items
How Many:

Amount to Add:

All Opponents have hand to hand weapons automatically, expect Extra and Rabble which have them 90% of the time.

Extra and Rabble have firearms 25% and 35% of the time respectively. Most others have them 100% of the time. Superior usually has a choice to two.


Extra - Opponents who are there to die. Poorly armed cannon fodder.
DRT 2-6, often no firearms, even poor HTH weapons, sometimes no weapons at all. They also have low MNA.

Rabble - Opponents offer little or no challenge and have no equipment or armor.
DRT 1-10, some firearms, fair HTH weapons. Rabble can be a challenge in larger numbers, but characters are mostly safe when fighting Rabble.

Average - Opponents who can KILL player characters. Don't take this lightly. They have good guns and some armor.
DRT 11 - 38, moderately powerful firearms, good and abundant HTH weapons.

Superior - Opponents who WILL KILL player characters and make players cry. So use sparingly. Superior opponents should be used when characters are not meant to pick a fight with them. Characters can beat Superior opponents if they ambush them. In a fair fight, not so much.
DRT 14-50, Guns, Guns, Guns

Leaders are better equipped, often at a slightly better skill level than opponents at that level. Leaders will often be the best of the bunch. Leaders are much more likely to have firearms.

Terms Used

Encounter Level - The level of the encounter based on opponent type. This effects attributes and DRT.

Equipment Level - The equipment level of the opponent. Extras will have weapons, but unlikely guns. Superior will be well armed. Not to be confused with Utility. This is the quality and quantity of the weapons, armor, and guns. Equipment is also scaled by equipment level.

Firearms: The lower the level of the equipment the worse the firearms. An extra who is lucky enough to have a weapon, will not have a FA or auto loading weapon, unless they are EXTREEMLY lucky. Armor works the same way,

Armor: The lower the level of the equipment the more locations will not be covered by armor. Extras rarely wear helmets! For example, extras may only have short sleeve shirts, pants and shoes and perhaps a hat/helmet. Rabble may have have the same, but have a 20% chance of having any other piece of armor available.

Leader Type - A group may have one or more leaders. Players should know or will learn to look for leaders.

Encounter level should be the same for every opponent in an encounter, equipment levels may very, but should not be two or more above encounter level.

Max AV
Armor Option %
Gun Chance
1 / 2
HTH Weapon Chance
1 / 2
25% / 0%
90% / 10%
35% / 5%
90% / 10%
76% / 25%
100% / 30%
100% / 75%
100% / 75%


Level Max BDG Actions Max Utility
Extra 7 SS, LA, SA, PA 3
Rabble 10 SS, LA, SA, PA, BA 3
Average 18 SS, LA, SA, PA, BA, DA, AL 4
Superior Any Any 5


Leaders normally have guns, 100%. They also get more bullets and better quality weapons than their level would normally allow.
Gun 2 is always a pistol.
Extras and Rabble will have uncommon guns. Average and above will have common guns.

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