Attributes Increase

Improving Attribute Scores - First Point

Attribute scores can be improved by diligent work over a Study period of one month. At the end of this period, the character will increase his score in the Attribute chosen by one point. Once a character passes certain breakpoints in the aging process, a die roll on the Reaction Table will be required. The number needed will depend on the character's age. The age to be considered here is the character's effective age.

Character Actual Age Roll Required
Sample PC 1 27
Sample PC 2 48 Roll 31+

Use the Table below:

Age Increase Table [First Attribute Point]
Effective Age Roll Required
To Increase
Under 40 Automatic
40-49 31 or Higher
50-59 71 or Higher
60-69 96 or Higher

Improving Attribute Scores - Second Point

Character under 40:
  • Doctor must roll Therapy Skill Successfully
  • Make roll on Age Age Increase Table at Mediocre or better (31+)

Character 40+:
  • Doctor must roll Therapy Skill Successfully (BCS - Roll Effect Number)
  • Make roll on Age Increase Table, subtract effect number from BCS

NOTE: if the character is 50 years old, they must roll GOOD or better, which is 71. The effect number for 71 is +2. That effect number of 2 is then subtracted from the Therapy BCS! If they roll a 96, then they are successful, but 6 is subtracted from the therapy BCS! The character is penalized for rolling too high!

Effect Number Table

D100 Category Roll Effect Number
01-05 BAD -6
06-15 POOR -4
16-30 -2
31-45 MEDIOCRE -1
46-55 0
56-70 +1
71-85 GOOD +2
86-95 +4
96-100 EXCELLENT +6

Improving Off-hand Dexterity

Off-hand Dexterity is treated as if it were a Physical Attribute for purposes of improvement and aging effects.

Effects Of Age On Attributes

At the age of 40, characters begin to show the effects of aging. Once a character reaches 40, he will no longer automatically gain a point when he works to improve an Attribute. At four year intervals beyond that, until he reaches 80, at which time the intervals are reduced to two years, and he will undergo a round of aging. The effects are detailed below:
Age Effects
44, 48, 52, 56 +2 to each Mental Attribute; -1 to each Physical Attribute.
60, 64, 68 -2 to each Physical Attribute; a Reaction roll is made and the results are interpreted as follows:
  • worse than Bad -4 to Mental Attributes
  • Bad -2 to Mental Attributes
  • Poor -1 to Mental Attributes
  • Mediocre no change to Mental
  • Good +1 to Mental Attributes
  • Excellent +2 to Mental Attributes
72, 76 -4 to Physical Attributes; a Reaction roll is made as above to determine the effects on Mental Attributes,
a -10 modification is made to the die roll.
80, 82, 84, etc. -6 to the Physical Attributes; a Reaction Roll is made as above but a -20 modification is made to the die roll. Modifiers to the Attribute scores are made to each of the Attributes of that type.
If an Attribute is reduced to zero or below by the effects of aging, the character is considered to have died from old age.

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