Clothing and Metal Armor Production Time Scale

Calculate the total time to produce armor. Armorer must have appropriate skills. For plastic forming armor see PLASTICS
Normally 100% materials required, but success/fails/crits affect this.
Lower Skill BCS:
Tailor for Flexible Quilted (Plastic, leather or metal)
Leatherworking for Leather
Armorer Metal for Metal
Armorer Skill (ANY) for Reinforcing
May be ZERO for Improvising Armor.
Base Material:
Show Restricted Materials
Process or Reinforcement:
Plastic can only be improvised or quilted, blacksmithing works only with metal.
Proper Equipment: Tailor: Sewing kit
Armor Reinforce: Blacksmith Toolkit or Armorer Reinforcement Toolkit
Blacksmith Make Armor: Blacksmith Toolkit, Forge
Leatherworking: Leatherworking Toolkit

Kit Utility: Not required but will reduce time, if available.
Kits are consumable parts kits that are used to reduce the time it takes to create an item.
Making Item:
Time period in minutes:
Longer times increase difficulty, normal is 60 minutes.
Governing Attribute: (from skill description)

Work days are 8 hour work days.

Kits and Toolkits

Toolkits are collections of tools that are used for various tasks. General toolkits contain tools, specialized toolkits such as "Blacksmithing Toolkit" contain more specialized tools.
Kits are consumable kits that speed up production. A Tailor kit might contain buttons or a zipper. The kit is consumed when the item is created.
Shown NPC

Character Skills
No character has Armorer, Metal, or Tailor, or Leatherworking, or Blacksmithing.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

Class Units Located at
No supplies for these skill(s)

Stored Crafting Gear

Item ENC Del Swap Where
Book 1, Page 17, "Any character with Armorer Skill may Reinforce armor."
Book 1, Page 17, "Any character may improvise armor. A character with Armorer Skill who does not have the proper facilities will only be Improvising."
Book 1, Page 17, "All Flexible, Quiltable materials may be "quilted" to yield a more protective armor."
Book 1, Page 17, "Any leather that is of Flexible, Soft format may be Hardened by a character with Leatherworker Skill to increase the Armor Value by 1."
Book 1, Page 17, "A material may not be Reinforced after it is Hardened." (no material may be hardended AND reinforced)
Book 1, Page 17, "All Flexible, Soft and Flexible, Quiltable materials may be Reinforced."
Book 2, Page 20, "This Skill allows the character with the proper tools to produce armor in the same way that a character with Leatherworking Skill produces garments." Proper tools: Leatherworking Toolkit, Tailor Toolkit, or Armorer Reinforcing Toolkit/Toolkit
Book 3, Page 56, "Kit 2 Can be used for plastics up to AV 9."

Winter clothing can be made by a tailor by Quilting any FQ or FS armor or material or high tech cloth that is Winter or Insulated can be turned into clothing or quilted into FQ or FS material. There is some flexibility here, consult your GM with questions about making winter or insulated items.

Improvised Armor/Clothing Anyone without skill can make armor out of most existing material. A set of drapes (HC) can be cut with a knife or torn and turned into clothing. It is ill-fitting, so it is heaver and it doesn't work as well so the AV is 1/2 the full value. Note: When proper tools are available, a character can make improvised armor much faster than without it.

Viable Combinations If you are going to add AA reinforcement to HC, put HC as the base material then AA as the process or reinforcement. If just making AA armor, then put AA as the base material.

Quilting increase the AV by 1 and doubles ENC.
Reinforcing armor adds 1/3 of the AV of the reenforcement and the ENC of the reinforcement material is added to the armor.
Example: Light Cloth is AV 1 and has an ENC of 0.0005. Quilted Light Cloth has an AV of 2 (1+1) and an ENC of 0.001. Example 2: Natural Armor Hide has an AV of 4 and an ENC of 0.02. Quilted NAH has an AV of 5 (4+1) and an ENC of 0.04.

Material Matrix

Material AV CODE Tailor
[Make or Quilt]
Armorer Metal
Armorer Skill (Any)
Light Plastisheet 1 LP
Light Cloth 1 LC
Heavy Plastisheet 2 HP
Heavy Cloth 2 HC
Light Hide 2 LH
Insulated Cloth 2 Q-IC
Plasticloth 3 PC
Light Leather 3 LL
Heavy Hide 3 HH
Scaled Hide 3 SH
Plastihide 4 PH
Heavy Leather 4 HL
Natural Armor Hide 4 AH
Synthiplast 5 SY
Plated Bronze 5 LP-BR
Plastex 6 PX
Bronze 6 BP
Plated Aluminum Alloy 6 LP-AA
Plastex - Space Suit 6 PX-S
Aluminum Alloy 7 AA
Plated Ferrous Metal 7 LP-FP
Rigiplast 7 RP
Light Ferrous Metal 8 FP
Plated Steel 8 LP-SP
Steel 9 SP
Plated High Quality Steel 9 LP-QS
High Quality Steel 10 QS
Plated Macrosteel 10 LP-MS
Titanium Alloy 11 TA
Macrosteel 12 MS
Plated Carballoy 13 LP-CA
Carballoy 14 CA
Campaign Restricted items are not Aftermath! Cannon, except for Rigiplast, which is at the GM's discretion. These items are optional in a GM's game and are meant to fill holes in the Aftermath! armor types or are of special use in a campaign, so consult your GM before use.

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