Zone of Influence

Zones for Weapon Lengths

Length Zone Hexes
Short S 1
Average A 1
Long L 1 Can attack 2 hexes, but zone is 1 hex.
Extra Long XL 2

Free Attack: A character entering the active (where player can swing) or passive zones (where player can't swing) of influence (ZOI) of a hostile character who is capable of attacking will be subject to a "free attack"!
Cease Movement: A character who enters a hostile ZOI must cease movement for that COMBAT TURN.
Running: A character who enters a hostile ZOI in a run category higher than 0 is subject to multiple "free attacks" and is stopped when entering the ZOI (no slowing down required).
Combat Move: A combat move associated with an Action will avoid a free attack when entering the hostile ZOI.
Engaged: A character in the ACTIVE Zone is considered Engaged.
Change Facing While Engaged: DFT AST required to avoid free attack.
Disengage: A character that can move, may move out of engagement with no penilty.

Moving Through Occupied Hexes

Unopposed: DFT AST to avoid, failure means they can’t exit the hex.
Opposed or Running: Deliberate Knockdown. Compare STR Group Effect die, add mass difference to larger character’s effect die. Loser gets stopping effect equal to Effect die difference.

Stopping Effects

> 1 Knock Back 2D3 meters (DFT AST to avoid)
> 5 Knock Back 2D3 meters (DFT AST to avoid, DFT CST to stay on feet
> 10 Knock Back 2D3 meters, automatic knock down

Firearms and ZOI

Last Shop Option: If character will become engaged before their BAP, the charcter can take the "Last Shop Option" and fire their firearm when the attacker is inside PBR. They comit to Fire Weapon on their first action and will do nothing. NOTE: They are taking Fire Weapon, so they get their full allotment of shots for AL or FA.

Engaged: If a character is ENGAGED, they must make a DFT AST to Fire Weapon, failure means action is lost.

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