Search Calculator

Length of Search Area: m x Width: m   
Calculated Search area: 400 sq meters

Environment Type:

Total Search BCSs searching:

Search Period:

1. For each time block (1hr, 2hr, 6hr, 8hr or 12hr), searchers roll their WT effect dice (below). They do not need to roll search BCS rolls when searching.

If Negative, search smaller area. Includes random roll.

2. When effect die total reaches goal, leader rolls Search BCS roll modified by above. Success equals find, failure equals nothing. Critical hit means extra/better find, critical miss means encounter or structural weakness missed.

1. Total BCSs of all searchers
2. Choose Leader
3. Determine area
4. Determine search period
5. Calculate
6. All searchers roll effect dice. 7. Repeat 6 until effect roll totals required total for each time period.
8. Leader rolls BCS to find something.

Class of Find Table

The higher the total BSCs the less time the search
The longer the period, the easier the BSC search roll.
Reducing the area searched yields faster results.
Search BCS for searchers only adds to total, no effect on finds.
The same area may be searched more than once. (Success or Fail)
If group uses guards, guards can't be searchers.
Guards may have ready weapons, searchers have weapons stowed

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