Grapple Cheat Sheet

Any player who is in the Zone of Influence of a target character may perform a grapple.

Initiate Brawling Grapple

Note: Unarmed Combat should use unarmed combat chart.

DFT AST required to perform Grapple (No BCS required)
[crit = pick location]
[crit miss = automatic fall]

Missed grappler must DFT AST to prevent falling

Grappled Character Options (Who don't have Unarmed Combat)

  • Perform Action to break - STR AST (No BCS)
  • Perform Brawling Action - Full brawling BCS.
  • Perform Brawling Attack at -5 BCS
  • Fire Weapon (DFT AST Required) at 50% or -5 BCS (higher)

Either character may opt to fall down

Both will fall. Each rolls a D6 to determine who is on top. (tie, goes to attacker)
HLH Roll minus D6 difference to attacker, plus D6 difference to defender.
  • CST Range - No damage
  • AST Range - Dazed 1 Turn (BCS and ODA at 1/2)
  • Above AST - 1D10 Subdual Damage
  • Crit Fail - Unconsciousness until new round with HLH AST

Location Roll Location Roll [Zombie]

Location Dependent Options

Arm - Attempt disarm.
STR effect dice - location armor = chance in 20 of target needing STR AST to prevent disarm.

Leg - Take down attempt.
Each roll STR effect die - attacker > defender = take down, otherwise failed take down.

Head, Neck or Torso - Hug or choke
Attacker automatically gets STR effect die Subdual damage each action phase minus location armor value.

Unarmed Combat Grappled Character Defense Options

When used against a Brawling Grappler
Type Technique Effect
Attack While Grappled HTH Attack 50% BCS or -5, [STR GRP -1] attack allowed with free limbs (UC two hand attacks per action)
Break Hold Unarmed Combat Success breaks hold, no damage caused by hold break. Unarmed Combat BCS.
Less Effective Break Hold Use Brawling Averaged BCS, Breaks free on success

Character Skills
No character has Unarmed Combat.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

Unarmed Combat Cheatsheet

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