Overcoming Barriers and Materials by Barrier Factor

Method Results
Fragmentation Damage is reduced by barrier factor (BF)
Bullets BDG is reduced by barrier factor (BF)
Muscle Powered Weapon STR Group reduced by 1 for each barrier factor of 5
HTH Weapon Attack Attack damage must exceed barrier value to penetrate and cause damage
Locks Lock Picking/Safe Cracking

Character Breaking Down a Door

Up to two characters can attack a door at once. Each rolls a STR AST, if successful, appy STR Group effect die against the door's barrier value. When the barrier value reaches zero, the door is open.

HTH Attacks on Barriers

STR Attribute:
(See Breaking Down a Door)

Trying to Pry open Door?
Generally speaking, a door can be pried with a weapon suitable for the task, such as a prybar. Some security doors are designed to be pry-proof, preventing prying them open. GM will determine if prying is possible.

Firearm Attacks Through Barriers




Barrier Factor of Common Objects

Material Total BF
Click to Use Preset
Truck/Car Door 25
Pick-up Truck Bed (Side) 5
Interior Door (Shooting & Explosions) 5
Interior Door (Breaking Down) 10
Exterior Door (Shooting & Explosions) 10
Exterior Door, Glass (Shooting & Explosions) 5
Exterior Door (Breaking Down) 30
Security Door (Shooting & Explosions) 20
Security Door (Breaking Down) 60
Sandbag 68
Wall, Wood and Drywall 8
Wall, Red Brick 60
Wall, Cinder Block 40
Window, Residential 2
Window, Business 5
Wooden Tower Wall 40
Paddle Lock on Chain 10
Heavy Paddle Lock on Chain 15
Note: these barrier values are for shooting through or breaking down a door. A door that is barred with a metal bar or deadbolt might have an additional 40 barrier value against breaking down, but not shooting.

Barrier Factor Of Materials Per Inch

Material Barrier Value/
Cement 20 Click to Use Preset
Glass 5
Glass, Safety 20
Glass, Shatter Resistant 25
Heavy Leather 20
Light Leather 15
Metal, Veneer 20
Metal, Light 30
Metal, Heavy 40
Metal, Hardened 60
Plastic, Light 5
Plastic, Medium 20
Plastic, Heavy 40
Plastic, Structural 60
Sand 6
Stone 30
Soil - Loose 10
Soil - Packed 20
Wall, Interior 8
Wall, Exterior 10
Wicker 8
Wood, Veneer 5
Wood, Solid 10
Wood, Plywood 20
Factors Per Inch  

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