Unarmed Combat Cheat Sheet

Three types of attack: Blows, Grapples and Throws


Hand Blows: 2 Attacks, 1 per free hand, Offhand dexterity averaged with offhand.

Kick: 1 per action, +1 STR GRP (may do secondary attack with avergaged BCS if missed first attempt, WDA lost if secondary attack is made.)

Leaping Kick: 1 per action, +2 STR GRP. May travel up to "Broad, Standing", around 2 meters (no prereq of walk, may combat move 1 hex before leaping)
WDA is 0, CDA*2 (Must declare at start of attack action)
HALF DAMAGE against RIGID armor. Leaping Kick is considered a Combat Move and does not allow a free attack. (It is not a normal move Book 2 page 25)

Unarmed Combat Grapples

1. BCS for Unarmed Attack (One attempt per action)
2. Determine location
3. If Limblock or Choke, Apply STR GRP damage times WDM = 1+BCS/20;
Location Result
Limblocks WDM = 1+BCS/20 * Effect Die, damage each round.
May walk victim per one hex action phase
Victim must drop objects in hand.
Pins (10-12)
Target must be prone, miss if not prone
Target must be prone. No damage is done, but when STR EFF Die * WDM (1+BCS/20) exceed opponent STR, the target is held motionless.
Target can't take actions once held.
Head or Neck (1-3)
WDM = (1+BCS/20) * Effect Die, exceeds health = system shock
Hit Location
Shown NPC

Character Skills
No character has Unarmed Combat.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

Throws or Sweep Determined by Hit Location on Success

+1 BCS fi in same hex as opponent
Above Belt Throw
Below Belt Foot Sweep

Throw Procedure

1. BCS for Unarmed Combat Attack
2. DFT AST for free attack on success
3. STR AST to throw 1 additional meter, miss equals normal throw
4. 180° degrees from prior hex for landing point, +/- 60 degrees

Throw Effect Number

STR Effect group roll (Critical Hit adds 10 to effect number)

STR GRP Effect Number Outcome of Throw
0-1 The throw is incomplete. Target must abort action.
2-3 The throw is incomplete. Target DAZED, remains on feet.
4-6 Target thrown, Prone next action. DFT AST to avoid DAZED.
7-9 Target thrown, Prone next action. DFT AST to avoid DAZED. Roll STR GRP effect in Subdual damage (no armor reduction).
10+ Target thrown, Prone next action. DFT AST to avoid DAZED. Roll STR GRP effect in Subdual damage (no armor reduction).
Must make HLH AST to avoid System Shock!

BREAKFALL: Unarmed Combat defender may roll Average BCS to reduce the effect number of damage below by STR Effect Die.

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