Crafting Kit Production Time Scale

Calculate the total time to produce any crafting kits.
Normally 100% materials required, but success/fails/crits affect this.
Skill BCS for crafting kit type:
Crafting Kit Utility:
Tool Kit Utility being used:
Must be of the correct type or a General Tool kit if that works for this application.
Time period in minutes:
Longer times increase difficulty, normal is 60.
Governing Attribute: (from skill description)

Work days are 8 hour work days.

Using Kits

When crafting, a crafting kit can be used to reduce the amount of time it takes to craft an item. Some items require kits to craft, such as grenades, others are aided when a kit is used. NOTE: A kit is usually always used, but if a kit is not available, the crafting time will be calculated as if a kit is being made first.

For crafting kits with multiple possibilities, only one crafting kit is required to perform a crafting.

For Armorer, Plastics, either a Plastics Forming kit, or a Armorer, Plastics kit is required, never both. The utility of the kit is used for the utility of the crafting kit.

Kits are defined in Book 3, but the scope of kits is not completely defined. We are assuming that kits exist for any skill and that those kits can be used on the skills they are created for, even when that isn't exactly apparent. For example, a U3 Stealth Kit seems stupid, but that could be camo paint or fake bushes for a helmet.

Tool kits are a collection of tools, these would be used to reduce the time it takes to craft items and crafting kits.

Book 2, Page 53, "Some things are described as "kits." A kit is a collection of things which allow a character to perform a function and/or increase his efficiency in performing a function."
Book 3, page 14, "This is very free-form. The Gamesmaster should try to come up with a logical reason for the type of kit to be there."

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