Vehicle Classes

Class Type Damage Occupents
SOFT Unarmored civilian and military vehicles 2x(VDG-2) Percent of totally destroyed
DUR Loss VDG/2
2xVDG Percent of Occupents killed / Not killed takes 2xVDG damage (SPD CST for half)
INTERMEDIATE Armor intended to stop small arms fire, APCs, Armored Cars, Light Tanks 1.5x(VDG-2) Percent of totally destroyed
DUR Loss VDG/5
VDG Percent of Occupents killed / Not killed takes VDG damage (SPD CST for half)
Frag 2 (BCS 14)
HARD Armored vehicles such as heavy tanks (VDG-AV) Percent of totally destroyed
DUR Loss VDG/10
(VDG/10)D10 Damage
Weapon VDG Range
RPG-7 38 500m
RPG-8 40 600m
LAW-80 5 450m
AT-4 38 500m
Anti Tank Missiles
Swatter 80 60-220
Swagger 75 300-3000
Spriggan 50 75-2000
Kornet 160 8000
Javelin 120 75-2500
Tank or APC Rounds
125mm APFSDS 58 3000m
125mm HEAT 54 3000m
115mm APFSDS 49 3000m
115mm HEAT 46 3000m
100mm APDS 40 2500m
76mm NATO HESH 30 2000m
76mm NATO AP 36 2000m
30mm NATO APNC 26 2000m
20mm NATO APNC 20 1500m
Vehicle Structure Barrier Damage Resist AV
Tank 6 - 72 20
MBT 6 - 84 15
M-113 4 70 -
M-113 LSV 4 70 26 -
Armored Car 4 70 6 -
Sedan Car 1.5 Window 10
Body 20
6 -
Pickup 1.5 Window 10
Body 20
6 -
Landrover 2 Window 10
Body 25
8 -
SUV 1.5 Window 10
Body 25
5 -
U-Haul Truck 2 Window 10
Body 25
10 -
Pickup (Extended Cab) 1.5 Window 10
Body 20
8 -
Ten Ton Truck 2 Window 10
Body 20
15 -
Stryker 6 70 10 -
Passenger Helo 3 16 20 -
Military Helo 5 - 50 8
Hind 5 40 50 12
Small Plane 3 16 27 -

When a vehicle is damaged in combat, each time the damage done to it reaches the value of the Damage Resistance, the vehicle will lose 1 point of Durability.

Stationary target:
  • Choose which portion of the vehicle to fire at
  • Larger target such as a wheel or tire -5 BCS
  • Small part of the target such as a light, -10 BCS
  • Gas tanks requires a Critical Hit
DUR reduction is [Damage Done]/Damage Resistance. Example a car has a damge resistance of 3. 30 Points of damage would reduce the DUR by 10 points. Shooters may target passengers in stationary vehicles.

Fire on a hard target with small arms or muscle-powered missile weapons will have no appreciable effect. Guns and weapons capable of destroying a hard target are rated by their VDG, or Vehicle Damage Group.

The VDG will be reduced by the vehicle Armor Value of the target in the same way that a barrier reduces BDG. The adjusted VDG is the percentage chance that Hard Target Special Effects will occur. If this happens, the Gamesmaster will consult the Hard Target Special Effects Chart.

The adjusted VDG divided by 10 and rounded to the nearest is the number of points of Durability lost by the vehicle.

VDG vs Vehicle

1. VDG - Armor Value/Damage Resistance = Adjusted VDG.
2. Adjusted VDG/10 durability loss.
3. Adjusted VDG is % chance of Special Effects.

If moving, the vehicle itself will have a Combat Dodge Ability (CDA) to be used against incoming fire. This CDA has a value of 1 for each 10 kph of speed.

Characters may not target passengers inside moving vehicles.

Note that riders on bicycles and motorcycles are not INSIDE the vehicle and can be targeted using the CDA of the vehicle as their CDA.

Vehicle CDA = speed in kph/10

Traversing and Targeting Moving Vehicles

Note on MG traverse. MGs can not Traverse into a vehicle target that is moving faster than 40kph (3 hexes per AP at 40kph) in DAT since the target hex is outside of the traverse range behind the vehicle. They need to take a new action to attempt to acquire it aging. If the vehicle is it, the shooter can traverse as the vehicle moves, provided it is traveling less than 40kph, otherwise the vehicle will leave the traverse zone due to movement.


Any explosives not specifically designed for such use will attack the vehicle with a VDG rating equal to one-half of the effective Blast rating. Since such things are considered high explosive charges, the chance of a Vehicle Special Effect is halved also.


Special effects take effect on a critical hit.

Roll Effect
01-20 No significant effect occurs.
21-35 The shot was glancing. No direct Durability loss occurs and damage done to the vehicle is cut in half. If this still results in a Durability loss, the loss due to damage will occur.
36-45 System loss detailed by the breakdown. A system (at the Gamesmaster’s discretion), other than one listed below, is knocked out. If no system is available, an additional loss of 1D6 Durability occurs.
46-55 Communications systems are knocked out.
56-60 The electrical system is knocked out.
61-65 The main armament is knocked out.
66-75 The motive system (treads, wheels, etc.) is knocked out. If moving, the vehicle will be treated as if it had received an Accident result of 21-60
76-80 The power plant is knocked out. If moving, the vehicle will be treated as if it had received an Accident result of 21-60.
81-85 The ammunition is hit. The adjusted VDG is multiplied by 2 to get the percentage chance of immediate explosion.
86-95 The Fuel System is hit. The basic chance of ignition is doubled. 96-00 The vehicle’s Fuel System is ignited or discharged. The adjusted VDG is the percentage chance of an immediate explosion.
96-00 The vehicle’s Fuel System is ignited or discharged. The adjusted VDG is the percentage chance of an immediate explosion

Vehicle Attack

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