Range and Reload for Crossbows

Compound Crossbow: Multiplies STR x 4


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Range Up To  
Point Blank 10m +1
Effective RF x Pounds Pull/2 0 0
Long 5 x RF x Pounds Pull/2 -1 -1

Character Skills
Sample PC 2 -
NOTE: Characters shown here are sample characters for your reference. If you log in as a GM and add characters to your game, the characters shown here will be those from your game.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

Crossbow Details

Range Factor = Pound Pull/10
Durability = Range Factor/2
ENC = Range Factor/10


  BCS mod WDM
Improvised Shaft & Fletching -3 1.0
Target Arrow 0 1.8
Hunting Arrow -1 2.0
Barbed Arrow -2 2.5

Inherent Accuracy

Crossbows have Inherent Accuracy +3
If Combative + 3 < Crossbow BCS

Bolts BCS Mod.
Aluminum, Carbonfiber or Fiberglass Shaft Bolt +1
Suitation BCS Mod.
Sights in Use +1 (Must be Stance, Sight and Brace)

Crossbows with red dot sights can Brace and Sight in one action.

Modern crossbows are noisy weapons. Generally speaking, if shooting at a deer, you will not get a second shot because it will scare them away.

Modern Compound Crossbow Draws

Pistol Crossbows are 70-90lbs
Modern low-end crossbows: 80-100lbs
Modern med range crossbows: 125-150lbs (Most Common)
Modern high end crossbows: 175-200lbs (Hard to draw)
Modern extreme high: 290-3375lbs (very uncommon, most couldn't draw these)

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