Fire Effects

Fire Effect Dice Effect Time
Generally on Fire 3 1D10 Once burning will continue to burn
(non-matallic only)
Alcohol 2 1D6 3D3 Turns on Metallic
Continuous on Non-Metal
Napalm 4 2D6 3D3 Turns on Metallic
Continuous on Non-Metal
Molotov 3 1D10 2D3 Turns on Metallic
Continuous on Non-Metal
White Phosphorus 3 1D10 2D6 Turns on Metallic
Continuous on Non-Metal

Splash Effects

1. Point of impact and an additional hex are affected. (L and S1 in graphic)
2. 50% chance of S2 effect.

If thrown, the line effect (see graphic) is used.
If dropped, the area effect "Second on in line of throw" is used (see graphic)

Acid Effects Table

D100 Special Effect
01-30 No serious effect
31-60 Extensive scarring. Decrease the character's Looks category by the strength of the acid when it began its attack.
61-70 Character's sense of smell is impaired.
71-80 Character's sense of taste is impaired. Character will also have a speech problem.
81-90 Character is blinded in one eye.
91-95 Character is blinded in both eyes.
96-00 Roll twice for effects ignoring die rolls over 95.
Non-metallic objects affected by fire for the number of turns shown above. A Tactical Turn of 10 minutes in calculating the effects of fire used against barriers. The effect dice will be applied to the barrier value. If the fire value exceeds the barrier value, the barrier is destroyed.

Metallic objects are not damaged by fire. The barrier value is compared against the effect die. If the effect die exceeds the barrier value, the barrier no longer protects from fire. In other words, the contents will catch fire.

Characters on fire require a full turn of rolling to attempt to put out the fire. At the end of the turn, the MNA is subtracted from the fire effect number, if the number is reduced to zero, the fire is out. Non-metalic armor below the effect dice total (damage taken) is destroyed.

Splash patterns Splash patterns
When such nasties impact the ground, they will affect the target hex and 0-2 additional hexes. The first additional hex will be in the line of the throw. There is a 50% chance that the second will also be in the line of the throw. Otherwise, it will be adjacent to the first hex of splash. Book 2, Page 49

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