Vehicle Critical Hits

Roll Effect
1-20 No significant effects occur
21-60 The vehicle receives an additional Durability loss of 1D6
61-65 Steering loss occurs. The vehicle cannot be controlled. If moving, treat as an unconscious or killed driver
66-70 The brake system is shot away. The vehicle cannot be decelerated if moving.
71-75 The vehicle’s electrical system is shot away. This will eliminate any lights the vehicle is using.
76-80 The driver is attacked. The firer will roll his base BCS. If the roll is successful, the driver receives a Critical Hit. If not, the driver receives a normal hit.
81-85 The vehicle’s engine has been hit. Treat the vehicle as if it had received an Accident result of 21 -60. It will not run until repaired.
86-95 The vehicle's motive system (tires or what have you) has been hit. It will not run properly until repaired. If the vehicle is moving, check again for an Accident and add 10 to the die roll.
96-99 The Fuel System is attacked. The damage done is the percentage chance that the fuel will ignite or the batteries will discharge. If the vehicle is moving, treat also as if it had received an Accident result of 21-60.
00 The damage done is the percentage chance of immediate explosion of the Fuel System. If the explosion does not occur the Fuel will ignite. Otherwise treat as 96-99 above.

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