Hunting Modifiers
Terrain Type Hunting Modifier Effect Die Modifier
City, ruined or built up -3 -1 Group
Open rural -1 No change
Forest, woods, foothills +2 +1 Group

Hunting or Fishing Effect Die equals number of days food/person found from successful BCS.


Water Discovery Chart
Terrain Type Free Water Survival Skill No Water
City (Intact) 1-5 6-9 0
City (Rubbled) 1-3 4-8 9-0
Open Rural 1-6 7-0 -
Forest, Hills 1-7 8-0 -
Desert 1 2-6 7-0
Swamp (80% contaminated) 1-0 -
NOTE: These are water sources which have, within reason, an unlimited supply of water.

Survival Skill

If characters are unable to find water or food from the above table, then Survival Skill is always an option. Rolling a successful Survival Skill BCS for the type of area they specialize in, (remember this is NOT format 2 skill, so Urban OR Rural not 1/2 BCS) will provide one of the following CHOOSE ONE:
  • 1 days food, 2 hour task time
  • 1 days water (See Chart)
  • Survive exposure one night
  • Start a fire in 60 minutes
  • Get a compass bearing
  • Generate visible/audible signal for, Effect Die, Kilometers
  • Recognize danger in the environment
  • Map reading
Book 2, Page 18
"Only one attempt per day to accomplish ONE of these things is permitted.", Book 2, Page 65

Survival Kits are tools and small booklets that aid in survival skill. Books are not format 2 specific, and work for all skill subgroups.

Survival Kit BCS Mod
Utility 1 +1
Utility 2 +2
Utility 3 +3
Utility 4 +4
Utility 5 +5

Survival Supplies

Survival Supplies are essential survival equipment items that are consumable. They can be matches, fire starters, cooking cubes (like solid Sterno), single-use signal devices, light sticks, and sauce to make sticks tasty.

Using Survival Supplies gives a +3 to any BCS rolls when consumed.

Class Units Located at
No supplies for these skill(s)

Shown NPC

Character Skills
Sample PC 1 -
Sample PC 2 -
NOTE: Characters shown here are sample characters for your reference. If you log in as a GM and add characters to your game, the characters shown here will be those from your game.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

Player Ready for Weather
Sample PC 1
Sample PC 2
Winterized: Wearing correct clothing for winter weather.
The following types of clothing count for winter clothing:
Anything described as Insulated or Winter.
Anything with a "Q-" Code (Quilted).
Three layers of HC, HP or HL.
A character needs a Jacket and Pants or a Jacket, Hat and Gloves/Mittens.
Enter character HLH and press enter to show actual numbers.


Factor Per Day Rations
+1 Half Rations
+2 No Rations

Hunger Level

Effect Level
Partially Fatigued 5
Full Fatigue 8
Passed Out (Death in Effect Die Hours) 15


Factor Per Day Water
+2 Half Rations (.5 Liter)
+4 No Rations
Effect Level
Partially Fatigued 5
Full Fatigue 8
Passed Out (Death in Effect Die Hours) 15
Fully Fatigued: 50% reduction of DFT and SPD. AST/CST - 2.
Partially Fatigued: 25% reduction of DFT and SPD. AST/CST - 1.

Where am I?

If a character does not know their location but has an up-to-date map, they may roll survival skill (without worrying about format 2) to determine their location.

Without a map, the characters may use the stars, at night and clear sky, and the current time to determine their relative location, which will be within 20-30 miles without equipment or within a mile with a sextant. They may substitute seamanship for the sextant role.

If they do not have the current time, a map or a sextant, they may determine which way is north using survival skills (any format 2).

Note the Navigation skill (optional) always allows the current location to be determined.

Survival Seamanship Navigation Astronomy
Determine North
From Map
Read Map
Stars, Current Time
Stars, Sextant, Current Time
Stars, Sextant, Determine Time/Date
(+/- 10 minutes)

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