Explosive Production Time Scale

Calculate the total time to produce explosives and explosive compounds.
Normally 100% materials required, but success/fails/crits affect this.
(Simple/Complex) Explosive Skill BCS:
Complex explosives Semtex and C-4 like explosives.
Explosive Details:
Proper Equipment:
Kit Utility:
U2 Kit or better to make grenades
U4 Kit or better to make Mines
Note: To make metal grenades, other than improvised, the crafter will need to have a U2 Kit OR have access to machining or blacksmithing (foundry) to make the physical grenade.
Time period in minutes:
Longer times increase difficulty, normal is 60.
Character DFT: (from skill description)

Work days are 8 hour work days.
Propelled Grenades are launched using Rocket Launcher skill and require a launch. Complex explosives skill can be used to build a launcher. A launcher requires 200 Total Effect Die in Complex Explosives to build. Metal parts require a machinist.

Launcher Grenades require a grenade launcher, which is stand alone or underslung. Grenade Launchers are firearms and require that production path.

Missiles and Missile Launchers require a team, building them from scratch is unrealistic.

Character Skills
No character has Simple Explosives, or Complex Explosives, or Demolitions, or Defusing Explosives.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

Class Units Located at
No supplies for these skill(s)

Book 2, page 22, "This Skill functions with respect to producing 'simple' explosives such as TNT, nitroglycerine, blasting caps, etc., as Pharmacy Skill does with respect to drugs."

Book 2, page 23, "This Skill is an advanced form of Simple Explosives Skill and operates in the same way but deals with more advanced explosives such as plastic explosives and other such wonders of modern technology."

Book 2, page 21, Under Pharmacy: "Task period is usually 1 day. Once the task if finished a the number of drugs produced is determined." For explosives we break that down to 60 minute blocks rather than days since they don't need to be made in batches.

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