Category Range BCS Mod Effect Die
Point Blank 5m +0 +0
Effective 7m +1 +0
Long 15m -2 -1
Maximum 30m -4 -2

Requires Wind Up

Note: ACTIONS not Turns
Actions in Wind-Up 1 2 3
Range Multiplyer .5 1 1.5
Note: Max Wind-Up for this character 3 Actions

Damage Mode (one or the other, not both)

Bola have between 1 - 4 balls. Each ball is calculated individually and has a WDM of 1.5.

Capture Mode

No damage is rolled for Capture mode.
The Bola creates an Entanglment attack based on the number of balls.
Target can escape entanglement using STR AST to remove the Bola.
Entanglement will determine knockdowns, stuns and dazes.

Best Mode?

The best mode to use depends on the thrower and target. If the STR of the thrower is high, then damage mode will often incapacitate the target with type C damage. The Capture Mode is best to reduce the target's ability to fight back.


The BCS will be dependent on target ODA for missile.

Bola Range for My Character?

Bola Damage Mode

Bola Capture Mode

Daze: BCS and ODA 1/2
Stun: No attacks, Dazed next turn
Distractions: minus to BCS.

Shown NPC

Character Skills
No character has Bola.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

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