Updates, Changes and Bug Fixes

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01/16/2020 - Add quick links for weapons and guns to the DAT screen so the GM doesn't have to click into a player to resolve their attack. Slow internet is making that hard. If the weapon is not ready, the player should ready it, or the GM can click the link to show all weapons.
I also added STR GRP to the HTH list for player pages for use when the player is calculating Two Weapon combat.
For characters with multiple guns, it is hard to remember which gun I'm resolving damage for. The screen now states which weapon I'm caclulating.
Armor details call armor things like QS reinforced. On the details screen, it now expands those out to things like High Quality Steel for player who don't know the codes.
The GM version of the character sheet is now more compact so characters don't have so many pages if they have a ton of skills.

01/16/2020 - More Thrust tweaks. When thrusting, the damage is reduced by -1 to your STR Group. However, it does not reduce character's ability to use the weapon. So a STR GRP 3 charcter can thrust with a STR 3 weapon, but the damage results are at Group 2. The character does not get a penalty for using a weapon beyond their STR GRP. A flaw in the caclulations was reducing the effective STR group to 2, then giving the -1 STR GRP penalty for using a weapon they were not strong enough for.

01/14/2020 - Remove all Rigiplast and Ballistic Cloth that was quitled or Reinforced. Technology to do that wouldn't exist. That would be the same as making new RP or BC. Just no. Update: Yea, so this update erased ALL of the armor on EVERY character. I restored that back, then I took any character with BC or Rigiplast and made that armor the base for that armor.

12/30/2019 - P+ ammo is all the rage now. I added it to the guns. 15% increase to BDG, which is being kind. Really critical misses with P+ should be worse too. If charcters fall in love with it, I'll modify critical misses too.

12/29/2019 - So if you are using a HTH weapon where your STR is too low to use the weapon, a character should get -1 to their STR GRP. Turns out their STR grp was getting nerfed. No one every used weapons they couldn't fight with so I don't believe it every came up, but it is fixed now.

12/27/2019 - Roy Holder pointed out that opponents generated were not being named Leader properly. Also if users were using NoSCRIPT plugins, they couldn't use the charcter generator. Both updated.

12/25/2019 - I better defined how to make grenade launchers and rockets. Grenade launchers are firearms and require that path. Rocket launchers are empty tubes that launch propelled grenades, so complex explosives is enough to build them.

12/25/2019 - Blacksmithing prereq was not being checked in charcter genration or on the skills list.

12/24/2019 - THRUSTING, THRUSTING! Ugh. Oh yea, Thrusting is a -1 STR GRP for HTH weapons. You thrust, you do less damage. Guess what? Some weapons require thrusting. Knife Spear for one. It isn't S,T it is just T. So the good news is you get a +! to your BCS for your trouble. That is now clearly displayed on the character inventory.

12/23/2019 - Cheater Part 2! I found a character with 56 development points spent. That should be impossible. I put in a lot more checks to prevent these run away characteres. I found some clean POSTs that I fixed as well. No idea how that strange character was made, but it shouldn't happen again.

12/23/2019 - Cheater! I found myself cheating! I totally forget my recoil when calculating mid-phase shots. Very stupid. I've updated the BCS calculator to also calculate recoil for mid-phase shots. Then I added everyone's guns, ranges, BCS modifiers, recoil modifers, stuff for crossbows and such. Much easier now to get a good BCS for a firearm with a recoil.

12/22/2019 - Removed Sale Bin and Bazaar from Storage Mangement.

12/22/2019 - Only GM can sell the Sale Bin so they can adjust the totals.

12/22/2019 - When looting, all loot just goes to one locations. It is faster and the players can sort it out later.

12/22/2019 - Restricted crafting classes that didn't make sense from showing up in the bazaar (like currency).

12/22/2019 - Stopping effects on gun_damage now include added BDG from crits and messages now reflect that.

12/8/2019 - Beasts now pull from the database. Random beasts can be anything except zombies.

12/7/2019 - Development points are still a problem. Limiting points to 25 attribute incrase points allowed a player to use 59 points (25*1D3) to add to their attribute. This 59 year old character was a super ninja. These are crazy numbers. I've changed the limit from 25 attribute increase points to up to 30 points to increase attributes on a Standard Character. That is anywhere from 10 to 30 attribute incrase points, depending on the rolls. Character version incrased from 3.8 to 3.9 to reflect the change in development points max.

12/6/2019 - Added 100-year after chracters.

11/27/2019 - Players can now use speciality ammo on their guns (Power Shock, Armor Piercing, FMJ). This is set under their gun details. The system has supported special ammo, but it did not allow players to choose special ammo. Special ammo is now supported in inventory and in magazines.

11/26/2019 - Allowed gun damage for shotguns to swap buck or shot on the fly in the damage caclulator. Players still need to select either a shot or buck gun, but temporary overrides are now possible.
Update more things to use the 'common' ammo setting. Also added a "Only My Guns" settings to add a magazine. Rather than looking at 120 magazines, a player can now just see his weapons. Normally players only add mags for guns they have in their inventory. It is still possible to add others, but it is easier to add.

11/25/2019 - Complete overhauled the BDGs for all of the rounds based on real world data. The BDG is the Muzzle Energy of a round divided by 100. This is fairly simple, there is a formula for muzzle velocity and bullet grain in Book 3. All of the existing BDGs have been updated. All are now consistant with real world data (which was not easily available when the game was published.)

11/24/2019 - "Players Start Here" page was displaying inventories that were marked as "Not Allowed", so that has been closed off so player can no longer see and remove items.

11/24/2019 - Fixed some display issues with bullets in inventories.

11/24/2019 - Made it possible to easily remove 20 bullets from a stack of bullets on characters and storages.

11/24/2019 - Updated "add to bazaar" for most items, it now calculates the BP properly. I also added support to make special and normal gear have specific barter values which allows for more custom pricing on items being sold. The truck load of beer the players found was difficult to work with. BTW: a case of beer is 40 bp, if you are wondering.

11/24/2019 - Made it easier to move large amounts of gear for storages and player inventories to support sales at the Bazaar.

11/24/2019 - Updated Learning Rates. Gifted and Expert teacher was not adding two points. (rare anyway) Also players were not properly getting bonus for 9+ talent.

11/18/2019 - Updated grenade damage calcuator to better handle damage against the thrower if they are in the frag zone. It was confusing and the use of the term "Blast Zone" was also confusing. It was really the Frag Zone, so it was renamed.

11/18/2019 - Updated critical miss to look nicer. It now shows only the critical miss for the type of action that is missing.

11/18/2019 - Clarified that CRITICAL damage is caused when HTH weapons cause critical damage.

11/18/2019 - Updated Healing Rates to better calculate critical damage.

11/18/2019 - Updated machinegun to work better with zombie hords. Now can hit up to 24 targets.

11/18/2019 - Updated fuel production to be easier to use and to indicate more details about the process.

11/17/2019 - Change the way hit locations work. It is another one of those "I can do it in my head" things that other GMs struggle with. I've never had an issue with a hit being location 4 or 5. The program showed 4/5 and I quickly determined 4 or 5. Later I added exact caculations, but didn't update the graphic. Now the graphic show location 4 or 5, which ever is correct.

11/15/2019 - Fixed a reported issue of storages not deleting proper. A clean up routine was added and it didn't work properly as the tablename was defined properly.

11/8/2019 - Added a gear category for explosives. Due to the requirements for the bazaar to have barter value assigned to a lot of things, adding explosives type of gear makes calculating BV really easy.

11/1/2019 - Added the Bazaar. A quick setup store with a large varity of items that players can move to their inventory.

10/22/2019 - Added quick actions to DAT display so GMs don't have to go to another screen to enter actions for players and NPCs in combat. Added some crafting elements.

10/20/2019 - Added the bazaar. This is a random store generator that generates a store, called a Bazaar, that allows the players to look at the store contents and allows them to move it directly to their inventory. This also automatically (and somewhat roughtly) determines the barter points for everything in the sort. Since these can vary wildly in different games, the system allows you to add a multiplier. For example in my 150 year after campaign guns were 10x as expensive.

8/22/2019 - Lots of cosmetic work on the site. Lining up buttons (Thanks Kelly for making me worry about that kind of stuff.) I also modified the way hunting/trapping output is calculated.

8/10/2019 - Crafting. A GM who is running a game loves the crafting systems of various RPGMMOs, so he has been harping on me to adjust the crafting system to be more robust. Aftermath! has a lot of crafting, but it is all poorly defined, and all crafting is done differently. There is no cohesive system that is used in all crafting.

I've defined each type of crafting in Afermath! and introduced the idea of Kits. Kits are used to make crafting easier. Crafting can be done without a kit, but it takes longer. Not all crafting takes a kit. Not all kits are for crafting. Serious, you could get lost in book 3. I've added all of the types of crafting to the menu and show what is required as input to calculate the output. Kits are discussed in book 3.

I've added books to the system. Book 3 talks about books in one or two places, they can be used to replace teachers, but the learning rates table doesn't mention them. Basically, with a book, you get +1 like you have a teacher. If you use the DAT random opponent generator, you'll see books on opponents that can be looted.

Interesting side notes: It takes a week to craft using a still and your character can't do anything else. It takes a week to craft with fermentation, but you don't have to take any time to watch it so that you can do other things that week. Fermentation takes supplies (yeast and such) and food. So making wine or beer removes food. Fuel Production requires a Lab Technique roll, you use Fuel Production skill to setup the lab.... ugh...

7/14/2019 - Lockpicking... Ugh, it was just ugly. I've redone the whole lockpicking system. The times where a bit strange. Given real world numbers, the game numbers seemed to be strange. I was calculating it on a one minute clock, but I personally can rake a simple lock in seconds. The numbers for Safecracking were also really low while locks took too long. The new numbers should be more realistic. They are also still plenty random. Some locks are easy and quick and some just don't open.

7/03/2019 - Preparing to move to PHP 7.3. I've made several updates, removing Blowfish and other small changes. I also switch the email sender to Amazon AWS as it was still using Sendgrid, which my free account stopped working.

5/31/2019 - Thank you to David S. Harmer (yes, that David S. Harmer)for going over the character generator and giving me his input. (and finding an issue) Players may use up to 15 development points that add 1D3 to attributes rather than just their initial attribute incrase points. Note that the 15 point level is not a rule, and can be turned off, but several GMs have stated they must have that rule to prevent 69 year olds turning into a 20 year old Bruce Lee though attribute increase. Also David gave a semi-official ruling on ENC CAP it is 3*STR GRP + DFT GRP. (as shown in the example, not the text).

Characters that are 3.5 who are edited will get the development points recacluated to the new 3.6 format. So if you haven't started using at 3.5 character yet, edit it and get the free points.

5/19/2019 - A kind user pointed out that the IP blocking system was confusing. The idea is to keep bots and people who just want to screw with a GM's game out, but not to make it difficult for players. Apparently I failed. I've updated it now so that if one player in a location logs in, everyone at that location is able to see everything. This was already the way it was for GMs, but now this includes players. There is no more IP restriected screen. (Oh, yea, I didn't notice all of the updates said 2018, I just copied the line below it. Updated to 2019.)

4/19/2019 - Armor can now have sets that the player can swap. I found a need to be able to swap between two sets of armor. One for one mission type and one for another. Players can now set and add armor to two sets of armor. (Really, this could be 3-5, but two should do it. If it doesn't tell me.)

4/3/2019 - Added Exotic weapons to the system. These are those ray guns, lasers and blasters that no one ever uses.

3/24/2019 - Weapons survivability has been such as drag. If the armor is format R and AV >= 6 or armor >= 8 then roll a D20 less than weapon survivability. Let us see that is an armor location lookup; an armor format look up; weapon survivality chart determination and a D20 roll to see if it breaks. That is more work than anyone can do in a game. It would take a minute just for a player to roll these each attack. Now included automatically when attacks are made with HTH weapons and bows/crossbows (arrow/bolt breakage). Also included in barrier break attempts.

3/22/2019 - DAT Info page added to the player page. This allows players to get basic info about who they are fighting, DRT can be hidden or all information can be hidden.

2/27/2019 - Bangs head on keyboard... ok, so now I've added WDA to the character sheet. I know it is just score/20, but hey, some people.

2/24/2019 - Add a weapon, Brawling Punch to the weapons list. This gives the proper WDM and modification for weapon length, namely, the ability to get a +1 in the same hex.

Updates, Changes and Bug Fixes

2/24/2019 - When "Add Opponents" was used, the opponents had a very limited armor selection. The AV was controlled well, but the choice of armor was not. I've opened it up so opponents will have a stranger mix of items. I want to see a guy wearing Football pads!

2/24/2018 - ODAs on the main DAT display were INSANE!!! It appears they were adding themselves in a loop. That is fixed now.

12/20/2018 - Updated bows to have more information and only show arrows in DAT manager if the arrows are in the inventory. Updated armor details page to sort. Updated clothing list to search for specific location. Also remove legs from Arm Harness. No idea how an arm harness covers legs. It gave me a headache thinking about how that would look. Updated Posions and added a new category LOCALIZED. These are poisons that only effect a specific body part. Like from a scorpin or spider bite.

11/26/2018 - Kurt Feltenberger pointed out that unlimited development points could be spent to increase attributes leading to 68 year old characters who were Bruce Lee at his prime. Development points have been limited to 15 to make older characters more realistic. Characters generated this way will be marked verison 3.5 characters. GMs can login and go to password reset to turn this off for themselves.

11/11/2018 - Moved site to Cloudflare. Update favicon which was not on https.

10/28/2018 - Updated recoil effects. It wasn't taking STR into account if the Score was higher than 100. Recoil is (Score-100)/5. So if you have a 120 score (20/4) You should have 4 recoil reduction.

8/23/2018 - Change a lot dealing with moving items from character inventories, store inventories, loot lists. I also added Magazines for weapons so you can track the mags that characters have. This ties into the inventory stuff for encumberence. I also added a "DROP" location where players can temporary drop and item and make it unavailable to them in their inventory, but not lose it from the program. This helps when a player might drop their rifle before DAT to unencumber. Mostly when a player uses the drop function, it means left it behind someplace, not on the ground in combat.

8/23/2018 - Changed all of the ugly colors on the site. When I added a few colors it was nice, after a while it was a sea of ugly boxes.

8/04/2018 - Added crafting materials tracking for bases. When players want to craft, we need to track how much crafting materials they have.

7/01/2018 - Update the way running is tracked in DAT.

6/28/2018 - Opponents place into DAT can now be edited, so different HTH and Guns can be swapped in if something specific is needed. Often NPCs don't change or get new weapons in combat, but I planned a combat where they would, so this supports it.

4/22/2018 - Reputation was not calculating correctly. Reputation should add postive and negitive reputation and give a final number. It was not.

4/15/2018 - A ton of updates for PHP 7. Thanks to everyone, and mostly to Roy H., for pointing out any lingering errors.
The PHP 7 upgrade cost us all of the login info, so new logins are needed for everyone. The system works much faster now.

12/20/2017 - If a zombie attacks a player, there is a chance of infection. Attacks that exceed the armor value by 100% on non-rigid armor and attacks on areas with no armor are infection risks. Who can remember to do that. I've added a function to the DAT attack matrix that indicates when infection is possible.

12/20/2017 - Update zombie hit rules. Headshots should be common. They were not very common in testing. I've shift it to make them very common.

12/20/2017 - Removed a memory leak on the Armor list page that would delete the last PC if DAT was active. (foreach loop).

12/08/2017 - Yep, sling and slingshot are format 3 skills and Rocket Launcher??? removed!

11/22/2017 - For generated opponants, I made it possible to directly transfer their weapons, gear and armor to Player Characters. This makes post combat looting much faster.

11/22/2017 - Generated characters didn't match the PDF vs the view page. On the view page, the Attributes did not contain the MOD value (The change due to age) It was on the PDF, but not the view. This effected age group 0,4 and 5.

11/22/2017 - Added Zombie Enclaves, small groups of people huddeled together against the zombies.

11/19/2017 - When players are added to DAT, they now show up on the top menu. This prevents a lot of scrolling around looking for them. It should make paging faster.Á

11/19/2017 - I've modified loot storage so that items can be "Given" rather than swapped. This allows the GM to provide an item to more than one player or to keep an item that is common in the loot storage so it doesn't need to be looked up each time.

10/11/2017 - Switched to Invisible reCAPTCHA after normal recaptach stopped working for GM logins.

9/10/2017 - Added Hand and a Half damage to the system. When a 1 1/2 handed weapon is used with 2 hands, it gets a +1 gropup modifier. I was doing those manually, but it now askes if you are using 1 or 2 hands on the integreated one. The generic one, just set the pulldown for 1 extra str group.

9/10/2017 - Created Zombies as a beast and added special zombie hit rules to the hit charts for automated hits and damage.

9/09/2017 - Double skills were not being marked if they were in format ATTR + Talent + Talent. Seems this caused issues with Pathology, which required Chemistry.

9/03/2017 - Added some Aftermath! Zombie details to both armor sets and beasts. I added the special Zombie hit table under Aids.

7/22/2017 - Modified the HTH hit damage page to know which weapon was being used. This allows it to check STR against required STR for weapon and allows the damage type to be know so that we can display Lethal and Subdual damage rather than total damage.

7/22/2017 - Add a character sheet to the DAT page for player characters.

7/13/2017 - Add a player information page, which is basically a web page that a GM can create on i314.org to point their players to character sheets, inventorys and other sites. GM must be logged in to see these options.

6/18/2017 - Bugfix in Gun Damage. Spare period causing a problem.

6/17/2017 - Bugfix the Travel Time to actually caculate daily travel time correctly. It was not dividing daily time by 10. Expanded daily travel time from 10 hours to 24 hours, since it is within the rules to force march. Added implications of that.

6/17/2017 - Bugfix character generator to show Estetic skills properlty on FINAL page.

6/17/2017 - Removed Version 2 from printed character sheet.

6/17/2017 - Made all of the site https://.

10/20/2012 - Started site development in PHP. The prior program was in BASIC and was abandoned in 1996 when the wife said she had enough of having friends over to play Aftermath!. Nothing much happened during the dark years between 1996 and 2012.

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