Updates, Changes and Bug Fixes

Please report all bugs.

12/15/2022 - Removed all Expert level format 3 skill books as players can't seem to focus on anything else when they have an expert book.

12/11/2022 - Updated bazaar to have better, more realistic selection of bows. Bows were tough becuase they were so OP. The new switch calms them down a bit, so they are easier to get now.

12/11/2022 - Crossbow weights have been recacluated for compound crossbows. Using the same calcualtion as rifles, which is 1.0 plus kg would make the average crossbow 1.7 ENC and hand crossbows about 0.7 like a big pistol.

12/11/2022 - Crossbows and Bows in general seem to be way too deadly. Yes, it is possible to kill someone with one shot with a bow, but someone in armor? Yes, maybe, but not by hitting them in the hand! 50-60 points of DRT loss to the hand is stupid. Without rewriting the whole rules about hits, the damage just needs to be brought into the correct range by reducing the WDM on arrows. I've added a GM selection that does this. It reduces the WDM on arrows to make them more realistic. Missile special effects will cause hits that would be fatal to be pretty mch fatal, so high damage isn't required. The issues is that most NPCs are one-shot by any hit that does more than 10 pts of damage due to shock anyway. Reload times for crossbows should be 1-2 shots per minute, assuming 15 DFT that would be 30 seconds time, 5*3 or 15 actions to reload your average crossbow if a character was super fast. Note, STR + 4 to determine if can reload, but x2 to acutally reload. Note that if we caclulate bow damage like bullets, the BDG of even the strongest bow would be 1. (1d10). So being generous, we give the arror a 1.2 WDM and then limit the STR group of the bow to 4 (2d6).

12/11/2022 - I've been watching Shad videos, specifically this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7tpsNepR98&t=3071s and started to think about Shuriken. No one is using them in the game, but a character can easily do 60 points of DRT loss in one toss.

11/30/2022 - Rifle Butt had an ENC of 1.2, changed to 0. This is a weapon that can be used for HTH, but is part of the rifle ENC.

11/30/2022 - Moved Katana to Survival Value 5 from 10 and added note 5. The katana does not work against armor and should reflect that!

11/30/2022 - CK Editor 5 which is used for all edit fields allows the insert of pictures. This means an inventory can have an image of the vehicle or whatever.

11/30/2022 - Players couldn't edit their backgrounds because it was only on the final manage screen. I've added a page where they can edit their own backgrounds. I always wondered why players never edited that!

11/23/2022 - Reran books and added computer assisted learning devices. These give a big advantage when learning for skills that would be taught in the pre-ruin, such as chemistry, literacy, auto driving.

11/20/2022 - Added Elasticity to sling shots. Prior calculation determined which was higher Elasticity or STR then passed that. However if you don't know that it was hard to see what was happening. Now it passes both so the GM can easily see why the STR is suddenly 2 instead of 3 if using a Elasticity of 2 slingshot.

11/20/2022 - If guns are broken and in a storage a note now shows.

11/13/2022 - Something funky was happening with Skills, I made an adjustment to Free Skill reporting.

11/10/2022 - Swap it now logs all transfers, not just some (Explosives, arrows, etc).

11/10/2022 - Super Looter now logs everything moved as we sometimes couldn't find something after super looting and it wasn't logged.

11/08/2022 - Biped Hit was generating an error.

10/31/2022 - I updated and simplified hunting production. Hunting and fishing produced too much food and meant that players could hunt for one day and then take a week of downtime. That wasn't realstic. From personal experience if you spend the day hunting or fishing, you can feed a couple of people. Also trapping should take a short amount of time, but finding spots to trap and preserving the food should take time. If they want raw food, trapping takes 4 hours, if they want preserved food, it takes 8. Food production will be dependent on abundence, so ranging from a few food to 8-9 days worth in good conditions and a high BCS.

10/30/2022 - More strictly enforcing max amror setting in GM settings to prevent higher level armors being randomly inserted into the game. Armor creap is killing my games, even ends up with 9 or 10 making pistols useless. My current setting is nothing higher than 5.

10/21/2022 - The game now fully supports Need/Want using currency if it exists in the game and if Magic is enabled, Gold Coins as fantasy would use coins rather than barter.

10/21/2022 - Updated page refresh on index.php where it was just refreshing endlessly. It now refereshes on inventory general update (open or close inventories).

10/21/2022 - Added the ability for players to edit their talents freeform. This can be turned on from the GM menu.

10/16/2022 - Magazines sizes not loading properly.

09/24/2022 - Swaps were not working, fixed.

09/22/2022 - Added error reporting form to encourage reporting of errors anonymously.

09/20/2022 - Character creator exiting due to .htaccess line that should have been auto deleted.

09/20/2022 - Moved back to cloudflare.

09/19/2022 - Still working out the kinks from the server move. Report all issues.

09/01/2022 - Login issues caused by an error in my.cnf.

09/01/2022 - Switching back to Cloudflare in prep for server move.

08/28/2022 - Shield spell no longer blocks missile damage. (no support for missile sheild yet).

08/26/2022 - Began conversion to CK editor 5.0 so images can be included in txt areas.

08/14/2022 - Magizne values were getting the value of the gun, rather than their own value when sent to sales bin.

08/14/2022 - When the checkbox was used to mark a player's data turn finished, the red starts for "SHOOT NOW" were disappearing.

08/14/2022 - Putting someting in someone's pack forces everyone to put their packs back on (Players had troubles finding stuff when their packs were dropped).

07/24/2022 - Clean up look of sales bin and verified logged clothing items reflect actual cosmetic name rather that item name.

07/11/2022 - Made it easier for GMs to add many books or spell scrolls to libraries.

07/01/2022 - For spell failures, the GM now has the BCS on the failure chart as a reference.

07/05/2022 - For maintenance spell failures, the GM now has the BCS on the failure chart as a reference.

06/29/2022 - Upgraded to PHP 8.1.

06/29/2022 - Deleting of explosives was not logged.

06/26/2022 - Always show the player's character DRT on the DAT Information screen.

06/12/2022 - Put the + and - back on Supplies so they can be added or subtracted one at a time. That is great for food and such.

06/08/2022 - Added casting for DAT to Beasts (so Demons and Ghosts could cast). Add the ability to set the phase to 0 to hide DAT from players if the GM wants to keep the DAT values, but needs to turn it off so the players don't think DAT is active.

05/22/2022 - Warbots, Secbots and Polbots now are exactly as they are described in OM.

05/22/2022 - Foci are now listed above spells on roll chart.

05/20/2022 - When cloning games, spells were not being copied. This is fixed.

05/17/2022 - NPCs can now be affliliated with groups/cities. This allows the notes field to used in other ways, not just for city or group search.

05/09/2022 - Bazaars can now produce book stores.

05/09/2022 - For Bazaars, I split Armor stores into Clothing Store (common clothing) and Armor Stores (Normal armor like things without improvised materials). This gives armor stores a real good selection of stuff, but most of it is heavy. It has a load of reinforced stuff which isn't the best choice.

05/09/2022 - Added a search bar to the scroll search table..

05/08/2022 - Repriced books to be more accurate.

05/08/2022 - Added Sheild Spell caclulation to damage for players. The shield will now reduce rather than the DRT.

05/03/2022 - Throwable items that are HTH are grouped on player inventory. The player is now prompted when moving them to ask how many to move.

05/03/2022 - Used datalists on NPC creation to easier find jobs and such.

05/03/2022 - Combined throwable HTH weapons into a group so now it says Throwing Knife (3 of these) rather than listing them three times.

05/01/2022 - Town list now lists mayor and sheriff under NPCs.

04/30/2022 - Added elctrocharged weapons as meantioned in Book 1.

04/16/2022 - Hardended armor wasn't listed in the armor material calcuator as it is special and can't be reinforced, just made. I've added it and indicated that it can't be reinforced.

04/16/2022 - Hunting and fishing calculators have been split. Hunting now includes the leather created when skinning animals per the chart in book 3. However the book gives no source for Natural Armor Leather. This magical item appears that it can't be produced by players and is only shown once on the armor list. I've added a couple of bits to the hunting calculator, GMs can delete it if they think it is excessive. This would only be useful by a character with leather working. As it stood, a player can't create leather armor better than AV 4. With this change they should be able to make AV 5. I don't believe characters should have armor above 5 as it breaks the game making PCs bullet proof and makes pistols useless which goes against what you would think is possible since armored people get killed by pisols in war and police actions.

04/15/2022 - Manually calculated all ENCs to insure they are calculating correctly. Reduces some gear and weapon ENC to match the book and to be more realistic. For example the crafting supply Survival Suppllies were .2 ENC, but that is big for what might be a match or something.

04/14/2022 - Added fiberglass and alum shafts for arrows (they are lighter and +1 BCS).

04/13/2022 - Split hide rolls from hide NPCs in DAT. It was hard to figure out when rolls whould be shown and when they wouldn't. Fixed. This required that DAT be active since all of these settings were DAT action, so the DAT data file is now created on login and reloaded with the session data. The data file is deleted when a GM logs out. As a GM, log out after play. It clears a lot of junk.

04/13/2022 - Took "No Plastic Armor" out of pulldown and made it a checkbox so that it may be used with any preset.

04/13/2022 - Added a lock function to prevent players from moving items from a storage. This is a 'view only' modem which is helpful when they are investigating.

04/04/2022 - It is annoying when it adds a gun with a mag and it is annoying when it doesn't. So select which you want.

04/04/2022 - Bazaar gave away crafting supplies. Bazaar added books for no reason when preset was 10.

04/04/2022 - Added Chainmail Steel which is just M-SP with a name change and an AV loss of 1.

04/04/2022 - NPC BCS in DAT were not saving. Add some more weapons from late middle ages for magic 3e. Added Herbalism, and potions.

03/19/2022 - Damage log (HERE) is now a persistant log of damage and healing. It works outside of DAT though. When you apply damage it is logged. Manually add healing.

03/19/2022 - Max range for Carbine was 100, should have been 1000. This showed wrong on gun details. We have tons of carbines in the game, come on people, no one noticed that?

03/19/2022 - All pages now check to see if players are logged in for better dialog.

03/19/2022 - Ingore ENC wasn't resetting player BAP properly. Fixed.

03/12/2022 - Put the crafting slider back optionally.

03/12/2022 - When a player selects fire weapon, it is logged. The bullet log now totals that up. (Only when the player selects it, not the GM)

03/12/2022 - Added the beast attack indicator. It was missing and it was annoying..

03/12/2022 - If the number of NPCs is high and contains a list of friendly and unfriendly NPCs, it was difficult to add just friendly or enemy. Changed NPC screen.

03/12/2022 - If a GM looked at a character on the list and that character was not the same type as the game they were running, and they were logged in, the skill list would revert to force skills to their own character type. Fixed..

03/08/2022 - MASTER_OVERIDE wasn't working, so it was removed. This allowed the GM to reload the PC's settings in bcs.php rather than putting them in from scratch.

03/08/2022 - Added notes for reputation on the NPCs screen. It is possible that the NPC merit and reputation points were not clear.

03/08/2022 - NPCs can now have spells.

03/08/2022 - Updated Manage Rep to include some reputation known modifiers and some discussion of how to handle unwated rep.

03/06/2022 - Spell Scrolls can now be added to inventory as gear. NOTE: TURN ON MAGIC to use these in GM settings

03/06/2022 - Allow GMs to show some rolls and hide others when hiding opponent information.

03/06/2022 - WDM not being properly applied on some HTH weapons, fixed.

03/06/2022 - Updated BCS to prevent players from misunderstanding that recoil wouldn't allow them to fire 2 shots or 3 shots depending on PCA.

03/06/2022 - Somehow the zombie note got lost in the shuffle. Now it only displays in games with zombies.

03/06/2022 - Cut down on screen flashes when updates are being made, but can't be seen by players. This is when NPCs are not shown in DAT.

03/05/2022 - Having issues adding clothing, fixed.

03/03/2022 - Added max armor shown to GM screen. Change it to 5, it was 6. AV 6 is a lot of armor. GMs should limit armor values to 5 or below or the players aware their characters are invensible.

03/03/2022 - Armor sets were not adding properly from add armor page. (Due to making sets universal so all sets can be seen by all GMs.)

03/03/2022 - When hiding NPC data in DAT, the list of targets included the PCS, but used the NPC's last name entry rather than rotating through the PCs.

03/03/2022 - DAT Action set better returns to action set when changing weapon locations and BACK on the details pages saves.

03/01/2022 - Updated recoil shot to stop at -20 BCS or max number of rounds or 30.

03/01/2022 - Party analizer incorrectly thought Aerial Recon Interpretation allowed people to drive power boats. Perhaps it does, but not today.

03/01/2022 - Magazines are no longer created or destoryed when adding/moving weapons. Site now notifies user if they don't have a mag.

03/01/2022 - Stopped hiding max in backpack that was dropped. Just don't show any info or allow them to move them around.

03/01/2022 - The site will no longer flag guns with, for example, 21 rounds in a 20 round mag if it is a box max on an autoloading weapons for 1 in chamber.

03/01/2022 - Players can now delete brawling punch or unarmed combat from their HTH weapons list. Added Brawling Punch to all characters as some did not have it.

02/28/2022 - Add Spell List from Magic 3e. Must be turned on from GM settings.

02/27/2022 - Adding shotgun shells wasn't working, fixed.

02/27/2022 - Rolls for NPCs will not be shown if DAT "Don't Share" is set. This includes most screens where DAT information is shown

02/21/2022 - Tweaked the cost of "Expensive Armor" in the bazaar.

02/20/2022 - Activating the bazaar now gives the player an estimate of the amount an item will sell for from their inventory.

02/18/2022 - Adding some stuff out of Magic 3e. This will be shown when it is ready.

02/16/2022 - Moved the "Clear" button on the hth-bcs page to next the character as it wasn't clear how to clear the screen.

02/14/2022 - Expanded the way action chains work for PCs so if a PC screws up, the GM can fix it. We are looking at you Kenny.

02/14/2022 - Some NPC PCAs weren't properly calculating in DAT due to rounding. Fixed.

02/10/2022 - When an NPC is deleted their inventory disappears. Rather than having the inventory just disappear, I've created a "Name Gear" inventory that a GM can just delete if they don't need it.

02/10/2022 - Cleaned up the look of the gun damage page. Removed buttons that were not needed until they were needed. It just looked really complex.

02/03/2022 - Guns now copy their extra settings like silencer when added to inventory from list.

02/03/2022 - Armor sets are now enumerated. This allows two GMs to have the same set name.

02/03/2022 - HTH weapons are U1 to U4, there is no U5 HTH weapons. .

02/03/2022 - Finalized Clone game so that it gets all features. It does not copy sets, so the new GM can not edit armor sets, but can create their own.

02/03/2022 - Updated armor so that sets have proper names when in DAT. Updated copy firearm to copy scope settings when using "GIVE" rather than swap. Updated this_player and this_storage to show weapons with supressors and scopes in inventory rather than details page.

01/30/2022 - Updated the skills analysis to point out some errors I've seen on characters in the last couple of weeks. These are suggestions, but helpful for players who don't know Aftermath! well.

01/30/2022 - For flavor, NPCs will now have some common clothing stored in their backpack.

01/30/2022 - NPCs were getting a poor mix of supplies. Allowed GM to choose mix a bit better on creation. Also limited max supplies of .3 enc or more and make it so NPCs don't have more than 8.0 enc of supplies.

01/27/2022 - Two new tools. Clone a game and delete a game. Clone allows you to create a game for something like one shots, then clone it into a temp game to run it.

01/26/2022 - I split the throwing chart into DFT and Skill. It was hard to read.

01/26/2022 - Removed all of the funky jpg images for hits and went with the nice map and dots.

01/25/2022 - Updated DAT to show caclulated BCS for NPCs.

01/22/2022 - Prevent refresh (for checkboxes) now sets expand automatically.

01/22/2022 - Slings are now included in the inventory when the gun is loaded.

01/22/2022 - Corrected BCS, incorrectly showing control throw for higher pluses on BCS calc.

01/22/2022 - Super looter takes less than before. Total ENC / 30 hours.

01/18/2022 - Sorry, you can't stick a rifle into a backpack. They are huge! Packs are never that big. You can't carry a rifle at 1/2 ENC...

01/17/2022 - All stored items is now all SEEN items which includes any storage marked as SEEN. There is no need to play mind games with players, don't make them remember where crap was. They spent 3 minutes looking at a location and their character spent 8 hours. They can't remember it as well as their character.

01/13/2022 - When an NPC is added as an Opponenet to DAT they can now be looted if they die. This deletes the NPC and changes their character to a storage.

01/09/2022 - Zombie loot sucked, fixed. Just gear nobody wants to wear that shit.

01/09/2022 - When an item has been grabbed before someone can get it, the message was confusing. Fixed it.

01/01/2022 - Moving away from adding clothing, to adding Common Clothing.

12/30/2021 - Removed a ton of duplicate clothing options. For example a hat (1,2) and a cap (1,2) and a beanie (1,2) are all really just hats. If you want a Beanie, then add a hat to the character and name it a Beanie.

12/30/2021 - Talents auto button was clearing the "Keep them positive" settings for Talents where all talents should be at leasdt 1. I fixed that and added "Max Combat" as a preset. It only slows if the character has enough talent points to make combative 20.

12/30/2021 - Bazzars are now properly creating common armor. They were adding the base non-common armor, which is roughly the same thing without the special name. Looks better now.

12/27/2021 - Changed Tattoos to have no location and the player inputs the location they have the tattoo on the character and can make a note. Such as they pick location 29 and then note, "On wrist".

12/24/2021 - Updated sitemap and blocked a few more pages from the Google search. No need to list every characcter ever made in Google.

12/23/2021 - Removed * and ** in favor of expliltly saying "Half or Zero"

12/23/2021 - Supplies on player now hide better when they drop their pack.

12/20/2021 - Better defined Minor NPC's attribute ranges. Remember that avearage is 8 in any attribute.

12/19/2021 - Cleaned up minor NPCs, added the ability to arm them with guns, made HTH selections more in line with their STR. Removed super heavy or expensive stuff from their gear. Made the clothing choices better and made their materials they use more fine tunable. Added instructions on how to move NPCs to PCs and back again.

12/18/2021 - Added Ruin Wear © to minor NPCs. This is pretty crappy looking but good improvised armor. This is going to be some ugly stuff. People just trying to survive.

12/17/2021 - Books are no longer classified as GEAR. They are now their own category. I wanted to add eBooks, but that would mean that 90% of gear would be books. Now, books are a category of themselves.

12/16/2021 - A player is not a GM, so both can not be logged in at the same time on the same browswer. IF this is needed, use a different browser for each.

12/15/2021 - Clean button is now removed from DAT. It was only needed if ENC was turned on or off, that is now prompted on that page. Expanded the player action page to better connect to functions to change hands for weapons and such.

12/08/2021 - SBBA now comes in strengths rather than just generic. Really it should be rated for each use.

12/06/2021 - NPCs now have skills rolls on the DAT screen for more details opponents Load using NPC Opponent in DAT.

12/05/2021 - newskill2.php now lists what calculations a player used to determine learning. This is helpful in determing if a player used the right resources.

12/05/2021 - Removed PBR from opponent out as it is no longer supported. Made barriers the default setting for gun damage. Supported setting a location, doing a crit and going back to that location for guns.

12/04/2021 - Player storage changed to "Default". If final_manage was loaded and saved with nothing loaded, 'char_num' = 0, so all storages get renamed default.

12/03/2021 - Added a way to preroll locations for cover in gun damage.

12/03/2021 - Need/Want didn't work if need or want were empty

12/02/2021 - Adjusted the "above" mod for Zombies so that shooting from above and below would be more and less effective. Due to the way the chart rolls, + or - 5 wasn't an effective change.

12/01/2021 - The mouseover for NPC hit charts for HTH showed wrong character using skill. Fixed.

12/01/2021 - So, you want all your storages called Default? You got it! Yea, no idea what happened. I restored the names from the backup.

Update opponents in DAT which were frying when a GM changed their status.

11/30/2021 - In DAT when a GM ignores ENC, it now refreshes the page and resets things so that the correct PCA is displayed. Turn this on or off before you start or between turns for best use.

I've removed all memory settings now so the system should work completely when two people are logged in as a GM. It is also more stable in that if the broswer crashes or something else happens, logging in again will pick up where the players left off. Sorry for the trouble this caused this week. If I knew it would be this much trouble I would have told Greg NO.

11/21/2021 - Due to session memory issues, I've been moving things out of session. This caused an issue because there are a lot of things that don't work without that snippet of session code..

11/21/2021 - BDG updates are a big deal. They now update all of the gun in the game, log, and email me to inform me of the update.

11/21/2021 - A Bazaar can now be saved for use later.

11/21/2021 - Removed requirement to roll Literacy to learn Literacy. If you can't read, you can't learn? Hmm...

11/21/2021 - Learning for player characters now idicates of books are actually available on the pulldown to prevent players from having to reference the list over and over..

11/19/2021 - Shotguns might not have initialized properly, fixed for DAT.

11/19/2021 - Bows and Crossbows were now doing missile special effects as they were under used in the game. They now do special effects. Those Giant Crossbows, just got kinda sucky.

11/18/2021 - If you see something, say something. FYI I can't spell. I'm looking for spelling mistakes, please report them as you see them.

11/15/2021 - As character types get more complex with 0-day models, the free skills are harder and harder to indentify. Free skills in charater gen are now marked with "free" under the cost or "Free double skill" if it is free for double.

11/11/2021 - LBD didn't show on the DAT Information screen. Add notification of movement of equipment to DAT Screens.

11/06/2021 - Strange DAT bug where a player with a BAP of 7 was encumbered and got a BAP of 5 and a PCA of 1 would revert back to PCA 2 when assigned an action.

11/06/2021 - Logging in as a player and a GM is still not advised, but does work, mostly. Many of the player shortcuts don't work, as you get the GM short cuts. Not a huge problem, but not amazing either, experince wise.

11/01/2021 - If players can't see an NPC's inventory, they can at least see what armor they are wearing.

10/31/2021 - Some items with zero BP cost were working their way into storages. Then that storage could be added to a bazaar and that would cause the protection on the bazaar to assign a non-zero value for each item. Making some of the costs wild!

10/31/2021 - I was unable to delete player characters. The character file was not being deleted. Fixed.

10/29/2021 - We are playing another zombie game with special Silencers. So Silencers have been added to the gun details on the player page.

10/28/2021 - Character name changes by players required that the player change it in two location AND then log out and log back in to see the change. That has been updated..

10/25/2021 - Beasts were losing their armor value on HTH attacks. Armor values are usually fairly low, so it was likely missed by GMs when working with the numbers. Damage for firearms seems to have been working fine.

10/25/2021 - Somehow gun damage was being allocated on Quadrupeds using the biped hit chart when using firearms. For 99.9% of things this is cosmetic and all AV are the same on beasts. However, for alien dogs this matters, so I've adjusted it.

10/23/2021 - When adding clothing if the search button was pressed, the item reverted back to the old selection. Fixed.

10/21/2021 - Clothes and Common Clothing have both been indexed by location type (Head,Body,Feet) so it is easier and faster to find specific items. This could be done by placing location number like 3 for neck, but that is hard if you don't know the numbers by heart.

10/21/2021 - Auto Attributes now top out at 25 and the rest of put into HLH.

10/21/2021 - Cheating on character generation isn't something we look for. If a player cheats, they are likely to be found out in other ways. However, a player might cheat because of lack of knowledge. I found a player with Complex Explosives, but no simple explosives, chemistry or lab tech. The player simply unclicked these after they purchased Complex Explosives, got the points back and spent them. The is because prereqs are checked in order. So if you pick all of those, then unpick Chemistry. The next time it will remove simple explosives. Then the next time it will remove complex explosives. So realistically a player could unclick chemistry and lab tech, pick some other skills with the exact amount of points, hit calculate and then continue and end up with Complex Explosives with no prereqs. That is really tough to do, but it was possible. The sytem now unclicks all skills that are a prereq when you remove the base skill. So if you unclick chemistry, it will remove simple and complex explosives.

10/21/2021 - Character creator skill page no longer indicates skills you've already purchased that were prerequisites.

10/20/2021 - Reworked common clothing to have the correct setup and break down by body coverage.

10/17/2021 - Remove "Kitchen Knife" from HTH weapons list. Replaced it with #118 "Knife, Kitchen".

10/17/2021 - Type H Zombies no longer show DRT as it is not an actual thing. Added a button to DAT to remove all oppoenents. Updated AST and CST rolls to say FAILED rather than target number. Inline/New page wasn't working right on the player home page. The Roll button should always be shown. It was hiding for some reason.

10/17/2021 - Checkboxes were no working on DAT Aid. The box would not check of the character was not open. Nice idea, but hard for a GM to know that.

10/14/2021 - Armor production is based on locations and armor value. The current method was out of line with the rules. I've changed the time period to 60 minutes and reduced the task points to Locations * Armor Value which is what the rules specifically say. I also added thread (Tailor: Thread) use, which is something that I had missed. Thread was added as a material.

10/10/2021 - Defend Action was not properly indicated when a PC was defending. The ODA shows WDA+CDA in the mouseover on the DAT screen.

10/08/2021 - Updated the NPC creation tool to use more random armor by classifing either combat clothings or non combat. Not everyone needs to be in a gorget.

10/08/2021 - Updated the NPC creation tool to be easier and more understandable. It had a bunch of features added over time and adding NPCs was very clunky as a result. All towns now require a pregen Mayor and Sheriff.

10/06/2021 - Moved clear plastic down to AV 2 from AV 3.

10/06/2021 - Towns have been rebranded as Groups.

10/04/2021 - Default for armor not worn is now C, carry in pack.

10/04/2021 - When player drops their pack, they can no longer see what is in it.

10/04/2021 - Made it easier to add +1 for Two Weapon and -1 for Over Weight Weapons into HTH damage calculator.

10/03/2021 - Removed Ammo Can and Broken from pack list that can be assigned to extra packs. Both were silly and players were using them to get extra cap. Removed all main packs from added pack list.

10/03/2021 - Packs changed to 0 (no pack) when importing characters. Players should change this when they log in for the first time to the correct pack.

09/20/2021 - Importing characters broke as part of setting up a way to track changes in Offhand dexterity. Fixed it, reported by a user.

09/11/2021 - Reworked the roll page for players. I added an inline version of the PDF and skill roll tool for players who are alergic to tabs. Honestly, I got to Kelly' desk and she has like 100 tabs open on her machine... anyway. The roll page is now easier to read and understand for players. I will no longer have to explain the screen each time someone goes there. These are not meant to be phone friendly, most players use laptop or desktops.

09/06/2021 - Reworked common rounds so that only rounds that are common today show up on the list.

In the be careful what you ask for, players were complaining about magazine sizes in weapons not being large enough. I added a new feature that lets GMs add magazines of any size to weapons. However, gun values are determined by the MAXIMUM MAGAZINE SIZE available for the weapon. This increases the cost of weapons becuase now they have larger magazines! Bummer.

09/01/2021 - GMs can now edit the offhand dexterity of a character. The site now also tracks the 2D3 that are used to determine the offhand dex. There are no specific rules for offhand dexterity, but it might go up with attriubte increase.

08/29/2021 - Make A Location! was saving common armor with their common name rather than the custom name that should have been applied. So we were getting an alloy ball cap rather than a helmet.

08/24/2021 - Removed supply slider as Angus can't use it. Also removed the bug where if you add -1 supplies, but there are no supplies it creates them instead. Can't count on people being smart.

08/16/2021 - After pressure from Daniel A. the BDG for 5.56mm is now back to 13 the real world value.

08/08/2021 - Updated Gun BCS calculator to force players to use GM generated values, so they can help them get the parameters right. This is limited to GM input that is less than 90 seconds. Any longer and that moment should have passed.

08/08/2021 - Changed Blast and Frag columns on player inventory to be in the format 15/0 becuase players saw 15 0 and assumed there were 15 of the explosives rather than seeing the blast rating.

07/27/2021 - All of NPC disappeared. My fault. Fixed.

07/25/2021 - Expert books are now denoted as (20+) for BCS range.

07/25/2021 - Added crafting.php page that details how long it takes to craft verious things and if they are active or passive.

07/09/2021 - For simplicity P+ ammo now ads +7 BDG to all guns, except the 10mm. Due to the enlarged BDG (Gamified) we can't allow P+ ammo on the 10mm or it would be a 30-30 pistol.

07/09/2021 - Updated the BDG page to show RAW (Rules As Written) BDGs for all weapons. It turns out that few of them are different and the ones that are, mostly, are not in use. I've gotten a lot of pushback against pistols as they can't overcome common armor. To address this I've changed 10mm to BDG 10 and 5.56 to BDG 20 (from 5 and 13 respectively) to make a pistol that can overcome armor.

07/07/2021 - Cleaned up the GM character sheets.

07/07/2021 - To make learning faster to run in game, learning rates now contains presets for the character and the skill they are trying to learn.

07/04/2021 - Found a situation where a really impossible crossbow could do 9 STR GRP and would not do damage because STR GRP 9 is out of Aftermath! range.

07/04/2021 - There are two types of opponents, Beasts and NPCs. Beasts can be quadrupeds. Beasts have damage that is in a range, not in effect dice; the way Aftermath! was written. However, beasts could not carry guns, most Tigers aren't armed. So no guns. Due to a game need to have a quadruped armed with a weapon (robot dog) I've added guns to beasts. SO!!!! Master Rats can now have PISTOLS!!!!!

07/03/2021 - Due to typo, it was impossible to add Rigiplast armor.

06/27/2021 - Updated DAT information screen to have more information for players, such as combat roll results, Skill roll buttons.

06/26/2021 - Updated the Bazaar creation screen so it was easier to read. Also if a GM put a zero in the Cost Modifier it made everything cost nothing in the bazaar. (which I did by mistake) Now it automatically goes to 1 if it is 0 or less.

06/26/2021 - Updated Custom Opponents to save the value of +6 and Plastic to allow Warbots and such to display properly when they reload. Both need to be set to see their full armor. Modified Opponent-Out to allow full editing for armor on opponents. Also fixed an issue with the BCS calculator that didn't show the Autoweapon settings properly. It was referencing the list of skills rather than scores. Fixed average armor value on DAT Information which would reset if an oppoent was updated. Removed "Add Stuff Menu" from the player and storage page becuase players should now know it is at the bottom of the page.

06/25/2021 - Custom names for armor are now limited to 25 characters.

06/25/2021 - Added one step selling to the the player inventory and storage inventory so items may be sent to the salesbin in one click. This allows players to quickly sell things. They can unsell them by going to the salesbin and requesting to unsell it. Fixed an error where if the price of a crafting material was changed, but it was lower than the list price, the list price was used. This now allows per unit cheap prices.

06/24/2021 - Completed the restriction tool to limit format 3 skills from being doubled in character gen. This would be for characters in specific scenarios where it would be unrealistic to have double format 3. For example most Canadians will not have double format 3 skills.

06/14/2021 - Fixed that GMs and players could not click on BCS to show the BCS of their gun settings. Which was pulling up bows due to a missing =.

06/14/2021 - The large list skill editor was duplicating skills rather than adding them. This was an array, so the skills worked... mostly. I've adjusted it to solve the issues, but some of the skills seems to have been reverted back to their old list. They may be becuase learning by doing was not recording in the damaged array.

06/13/2021 - If a storage is deleted and that storage had an item stored in it, it now flags that for action by the GM.

06/13/2021 - Existing BUG: When moving items, sometimes the site says "You can move X" where X is a number lower than the total supplies stored, for no reason. Trying to replicate.

06/13/2021 - Players can now mark and unmark skill usage to support local play.

06/04/2021 - Changes in Apache and Cloudflare cause the way IPs were being reported to change. This meant that all IPs were now Cloudflare IPs rather than the user IPs. This caused issues with the login blocking becuase other people's login failures blocked users logins. This is now adjusted. These little changes that happen are what keeps people having to update website over time. The fix was quick, but if the site wasn't being updated, it wouldn't have worked well.

05/17/2021 - Reputation summary now has a show all button so all information is in the same location.

05/16/2021 - Players rediscovered hair triggers. Added F4 to action list.

05/12/2021 - Magazines for Swing Cyl weapons (which doesn't exist becuase they are internal) are automatically called speedloaders.

04/15/2021 - Storages now act like player inventory as they refresh when changes are made.

04/14/2021 - Removed all textareas and replaced them with editors.

04/12/2021 - Notes on NPCs were not working for the DAT Aid. Fixed.

04/07/2021 - NPC simple BCS calculator was not calculating properly. I fixed it so it would calculate. Found another issue with inherent accuracy.

04/06/2021 - Recalculated the weights and BP for food and water. Beer, wine and mead are now more valueable than water. For some reason they weren't.

04/02/2021 - Moved the "Add" items on the player and storage screens to the bottom.

04/02/2021 - I'm moving away from GM Names to Game Names for logins. This is cleaner and smarter.

03/29/2021 - Storages, player inventory and Bazaar and Salesbin now update when items are purchased, updated or moved. Added a button to turn off refresh and enable checkboxes so they can be used without updates clearning them.

03/20/2021 - Added "Leg Bag" as a pack. Sales bin didn't properly count Need/Want.

03/19/2021 - The tool to determine party comp has been removed. Kurt Feltenberger said it is stupid.

03/18/2021 - I've cleaned up a bunch of the player pages that they still have available so that players don't get lost in the mess of these pages. I also found some items that should have been hidden from players were available burried in these pages. Specifically I found "Jake's Hidden Shack" listed in a bunch of places and the secret contents of this counted and listed. Well, that is fixed. Plus I fixed up hidden players from being seen or selected on menus.

03/18/2021 - I've removed many of the menu items for players who are logged into their games. There is no need for them to see all of the GM tables, while they can see them if they log out, they don't get in the way of the player finding things. Note that these pages are still available via search at the bottom of the main page. The goal isn't to hide these so players can't access them, but to make it so players aren't overwhelmed by the number of pages.

03/03/2021 - Throwing knife had a WDM of 1.2, updated to 1.5. No one used throwing knifes anyway. I added note 10 to the HTH charts. That is the reason no one uses throwing knifes. There is only one Note 10 weapon and everyone loves it because it is note 10.

02/23/2021 - When guns were created, magazines were also added, but they were not stored in the weapon, so they now default to inside the weapon.

02/23/2021 - Manually added guns were a bit funky. The way we store mag size and caliber has changed. I've updated it to be more in line with how they are stored.

02/16/2021 - More issues with dark/light themes now switching properly. Please let me know if you use the dark theme! Also found an issue on mobile with some links not showing up in the right color. I also removed the Google Site Search for dark theme as it was white and annoyoing. If you need to search, bounce over to light, then go back to dark.

02/13/2021 - The SSL for the site expired and due to cloudflare it could not be renewed which lead to a host of issues. I had to disconnect cloudflare to get it to generate properly. It appears that "Strict" is not a good setting for SSL on cloudflare.

02/10/2021 - The Cyberpunk RED init tracker is now live. No logins required, but players and GM need to sign in for tracking, so we know who is in which game.

02/10/2021 - With using Roll20 for character sheets in other games, it became apparent that for only play, a dice roller was very helpful with it being tied directly to skills. This issue is displaying those skills to other players and the GM. I made a javascript that does that, so now players can roll skills from the character sheet (through for simplicity, not the character sheet as it would open a new window each time.)

01/23/2021 - Character Creator had a problem with some skills that required that the prereq be doubled in order to double the skill with that prereq. If the prereq was doubled it worked, but if not the skill could not be doubled. Fixed. This affected Advance Medical and skills like that. If First Aid was not doubled, Advanced Medical could not be doubled. This is outside of the rules, it shouldn't work that way. Not reported, was discoved when a player found it online with me.

02/03/2021 - View (final_view_sheet.php) was showing incorrect skill scores when a skill was in the format ATTRIBUTE + TALENT + TALENT. Only view was an issue, not the character sheet itself.

01/12/2021 - Verified that i314 works on all browswers. Added testing for Dissenter.

01/10/2021 - Players can now override the settings in gun BCS calculations.

12/24/2020 - NPCs on the DAT display were randomly sorting alpha/BAP. This was the result of the switch from memory to database. The reload acidently restored the order. This is fixed now.

12/18/2020 - It is now possible to switch a character between Player Character and NPC to allow for guest players to play NPCs.

Fixed a problem where actions where not showing in the DAT information screen. Also fixed the action chain for PCs to better track changes in action once selected.

12/11/2020 - I had a PC who wasn't correctly tracking their damage during the game. This is their job, not the GMs. When the battle was over, I showed the DRT at -7 with 32 pts of critical damage. That might mean that the character was taking a dirt nap. The problem was, I think some of that damage was Subdual, which I wasn't tracking. If 4 pts of it was subdual, then the character was not dead. A bad situation. I'm not going to track damage nor subdual damage if I don't have to. Player can do that quicker than I can. Critical Lethal damage can't be healed with first aid and it can't be fixed by poly3. So critical damage that goes over the DRT is deadly! I went with my gut and let the character be not dead, but I don't like doing that. I couildn't kill the PC based on my memory. So, damage logging is born. Now all NPC damage shows up on the character update action page. (DAT screen, click on Update)

12/09/2020 - The home page wasn't mobile friendly. The scripts are wonky on that page and I need to keep kicking them to keep it complaint. The problem is it works fine on a desktop, but on a phone it doesn't, so it is hard to notice.

12/06/2020 - When clothing is moved to the pack it always returns to set 1 rather than the original set. It is too confusing to search for it each time. Now it can be reassigned to the proper set if set 1 isn't the right set.

12/03/2020 - I'm done with the AWS testing. During the day it seems to work fine, but at night it is very laggy. It isn't worth the money if the performace is less than the current system.

12/01/2020 - Expanded the search on the NPC pages. Having quick reference of the people in the Jakarta game is important.

11/30/2020 - Using the Profiler, I've identified several issues with speed. Adding Opponents was taking 4 seconds that could be removed. Things like that are hard to find without a profiler.

11/27/2020 - Debugging IDE is finally working again so I can fully debug stuff. What a pain. PHPed is a great editor, but setting up the debugger is a major pain. Also the profiler is working again and it is showing me that the site is actually still really fast. Most pages load in less than 100ms.

11/23/2020 - Made the NPC list more flexible by allowing the GM to hide fields that aren't needed in their game. Specficially in my Jakarta Pandemic game I didn't need Loyality and in 20 years after I didn't need Age.

11/19/2020 - Slight issue with special age group 3 characters that caused literacy not to double if they didn't double other skills.

11/15/2020 - Shock factor for NPCs should be 10, I've been using 'special npc' shock factors for all NPCs, now we are down to standard.

11/08/2020 - Tons of issues over the last few months becuase of the need to move away from SESSIONs and keep everything in data. This was so Greg could work the system the way he wanted to, but in addition moving away from SESSIONs prevented the dreaded session crash that took out all of the GM's data information. That happened to me once. Now it should be much harder for that to happen.

11/08/2020 - Improved the POST speed of the Character Generator on the skills page. Doing skills is really complex so the page needs to check a lot of things (due to prereqs). It was looking at things as if each thing was possible. I told it to skip things that were not possible. Made it much faster.

11/05/2020 - Turning my attention to bows. Some issues. Can a bow pull itself? Well, I guess it does have a STR GRP... Dang. Should be can the character pull it! Some minor fallout from the group error discovered. Bows were nerfed by the group fix. They have been unnerfed. The group calculation was taking a pre group calulated number and using it for damage. So a GRP 5 bow would say come back as STR = 5 and fall into group 1.

11/02/2020 - Slight complexity with the new bag setup. The pulldown lists all of the primary bags (those bags you wear on your back) and players can choose them. The problem is it sets the location to something like "ALICE pack". That is fine, but if you then get a MOLLE pack, some stuff says MOLLE some say ALICE. Total mess. All primary packs are now called BACKPACK for storage location. You may select "MOLLE", but you get BACKPACK. I love the idea of having it list MOLLE, but in reality, keeping 30 items updated with the correct location name is way too hard.

11/02/2020 - The site is back on Amazon RDS for a while for further testing.

11/01/2020 - The bazaar Needs have been removed. This is now done by attaching the bazaar to a city. If there is no city, it is just blank. I also found out that a bazaar might have a sales bin that still existed after a recreate of the bazaar. This bug is now a feature. You may recreate the bazaar so that new items show up without destroying existing trades.

10/31/2020 - Reworked the way towns sell and buy things making supplies part of the bazaar. This allows players to directly buy items. I standardized the Resources/Needs with the crafting supplies. Removing all categoires that didn't fit

10/25/2020 - NPCs and NPC deluxe were using the 10% rule, but it was making them weaker in each itteration.

10/24/2020 - So we now find out that Group 4 was rolling as 2D10 rather than 2D6. Fugdge!

10/22/2020 - Daniel complained about the weak pull modern bows in the shop. Poor quality shops had crap bows. He said it was not realistic. So crap bows are gone, replaced by super expensive bows.

10/22/2020 - Gear and Supplies in the bazaar was costing more if there were more of them. Fixed.

10/22/2020 - Danial found that all Group 4 calculations were getting 2D10 rather than 2D6. This affected all effect rolls in the game. Uarmed Combat kicks, Crossbows, 2 handed weapons. Dang.

10/18/2020 - Sessions are now persistent. If a player logs in the session they were using is restored so things like character name, prefills for stuff and other things are loaded. Players start here screen was a screen used to capture the GM's number and force players to set the GM number on their login so it could be recorded in the access file. This is no longer used, so the page was no longer needed as a player home page. All of the menu stuff has been moved to the main page and the Player Start Here page is now Inventory Management.

Showing as much as possible on restricted screens so people can get a feel for the system.

10/17/2020 - Small packs now hold 6 rather than 5. The Messenger bag is now 5.

10/17/2020 - Numchucks bother me. Why is the STR on a metal nunchaku 3? So if you use two you need STR GRP 6? That is super human! I've seen friends use 2 wooden ones with ease. They weren't STR GRP 4 in any way. I doubt they were even 3. Since they are unuseable at the correct STR, I've modified them to be STR 1 and STR 2. Metal ones require STR 4 to use two, that seems ok. Numchucks are offically back in the game.

10/16/2020 - Armor set 3 wasn't working. I guess no one ever used it.

10/16/2020 - I opened up some pages on the site for people who are just looking around. It appears a lot of people just want an idea of what the site has rather than use it full. I've opened up a bunch of pages with sample data.

10/15/2020 - Players do stuff that is strange. We lost two pieces of armor out of the game last night and I have no idea where they went. One issue is that a player could move something that WAS in their inventory even after it was moved out of their inventory. So lets say a player grabbed a jacket from another player. Then the first player gave the jacket to someone else. As long as they sat on their inventory page and didn't refresh it would appear the jacket was still there's. So they could give it to a third person, taking out of whereever it was. This is confusing! The system moves the item, in other words, it changes the owner in the database. That owner could be changed again if the player didn't refresh their page. The 'paper trail' at that point is confusing because we don't know where to look for it.

The paper trail now details the item, who took it, where it went and all of the details. The "Swap Log" system.

10/12/2020 - Finished out the Winter wear of winter.php. Also refined the crafting page for creating clothes and armor. This makes it clear how to generate clothes and armor within given ranges based on the materials you have, rather than just your skill at making things, which was not clean.

10/12/2020 - Slight change to NPC Generation. NPCs will now have their base skills from the sample character, plus the get in 2 in 5 shot of getting one of the skill blocks from the auto skills in the skill creator. Maybe medical, maybe guns, maybe hth.

10/10/2020 - Cookie based and player id access logins are now standard.

10/09/2020 - Totally removed that access database model of login. I've moved to strict cookies instead. PHP is just too stupid for non-cookie logins.

10/07/2020 - Removed the check boxes on the Bazaar. They don't log and it really sucks. Maybe they will come back, they are just hidden.

Logins were totally borked. Tried something else.

10/04/2020 - Started cleaning $_SESSION so they don't go longer than one hour. I also added cookies to prevent session loss.

10/01/2020 - Limited the types of arrows and bows available in lower utility bazaars.

09/28/2020 - Added Temporarily Drop and Restore ALL Weapons.

09/24/2020 - Moved the tooltip for skills left so it isn't off screen on small screens.
Reorded the HTH BCS page and added HTH ODA and Missile ODA for clarity.
Added Age to NPC sheet so it is there for reference.
Full winter clothing added to common armor.
Bazzar Inventory Maker will now also create small shops. (General, Armor, Weapons and Guns.)
Armor now fully supports indicators for Rain and Winter gear.

09/17/2020 - Addtional bags now have additional ENC cap. So if a character has a medical bag, they get 4 ENC more for storage in the 'container' type 1/2 ENC storage.

09/12/2020 - The site now limit input on BCSes to 100 or 200 score depending on Format. It was allowing any value assuming the GM was smart enough to figure it out.

09/11/2020 - I added a whole new functionality to allow MGs and Miniguns to shoot at vehicles. A situation has come up where players have to shoot their minigun at a helo. Well, that takes like 20 minutes to calculate, so I added it to the MG calculator for quick numbers. FYI, Minigun destroys soft and intermedeate targets!
Vehicle DUR loss is now fully quantified with the calculator making firing on soft or INTERMEDIATE targets easy.

09/09/2020 - After testing it out for two games, I've dropped Looks,... from the reputation table. The system will no longer automatically add positive or negative rep for looks. This was overwhelming all other reputation. If a players wishes to use looks as part of their reputation, then we can add it manually. For general use, behind a helmet and hockey mask, it shouldn't make a difference. A player who wants to play a 'Face' style character can simply use that as a Merit and get the number of points they should have.

09/09/2020 - Setup the pretty hit chart for most (maybe all) biped hit displays. It is more graphical, in that it has little hit marks rather than the photocopy of the hit display with marker on it.
Delete shields was very insistant on the GM deleting the shield, if the GM said, "KEEP" it just stayed on the screen.

09/04/2020 - Note 12 and Note 13 are not properly respected in HTH weapons.

09/01/2020 - Move a piece of armor into your backpack... everyone sees it in their own inventory AND gets charged encumberace for it! Yea, that was broken. If they delete it, it disappears! So Kenna was wearing two gold necklaces... not what her character would be doing...

08/30/2020 - Bashing is problematic in that is used a number of very seldomly used terms. Personal ENC, Person Mass being two. The Bashing help page now shows these calculations for easy reference.
08/30/2020 - Reworked the way that F1 to F3 works on the DAT page to make it faster. Also setup a shock factor line on the "Modify DRT by:" Pulldown to remind us when to apply shock factor.
08/30/2020 - Made it a bit easier to make an account by removing hidden characters from the field so you don't put a space at the end of your email address by accident.
08/30/2020 - Created some better linkage between various player elements to make it quicker for GMs
08/30/2020 - Bazaar now has the manual add buttons. The prior ones were removed due to them adding items without the proper barter value. That has been fixed.

08/22/2020 - Reworked per location move for location moves. This makes it a lot faster and smarter.
08/17/2020 - Delete checked now deletes.
08/16/2020 - The DAT Aid now is session independent, so a GM can login and see another person logged in as the same GM's DAT Aid and make changes, through that can be confusing. Best to have one GM run it, the other GM watch it or roll damage or something.
08/16/2020 - Squeeze Shot now takes 2 actions by default. Prior to this the GM has to manually track it, it now works.
08/08/2020 - Healing rates - Combined Medical Supplies and Bandages into Medical Supply: First Aid.
GM "Give" function now remembers the last setting.
Shoot.inc - Now includes Fire 4.
BCS calculator for Exotic guns was added as well as BCS mods for specific guns such as +1.
Grand ENC now counts Exotic Guns and their magazines.
Magazines added for Exotic Guns.
The Shield Overhaul is now done.
Dark Theme was added for lovers of the Dark.
Sales bin now include Commerice bonus to remind players to use commerce.
Vehicle Crashes calculator was added.
Armor may now be placed into a backpack.
07/19/2020 - Rounds now cost ceil($bdg/20) rather than 1 BP or 2 BP. This is more in keeping with the rules, but not a huge difference. It makes the huge bullets more expensive, but unless the BDG is above 40, no difference.
All magazines now have multiple sizes by gun.

07/17/2020 - Updated character sheets. Kenna was just out of control with her number of skills, it totally blew up the sheet. This now displays fine for chracters with a ton of skills. (This is an unlimited chracter so it is strange the number of skills, not a normal character).

07/16/2020 - BDGs for shotguns were using the default rather than the set BDG as part of the shotgun overall, this is now fixed. Firearm features are now part of the inventory gun, rathat than just a default so each inventory gun can be customized with adding or removing features. Magazines now show the proper number of max bullets next to the actual bullet and turn red when it is overloaded. Some players have been putting too many rounds in their magazines for some reason. Added Explosive Reference page.

07/14/2020 - I've changed handloading to remove the kits and add the three componants. The kits made it faster, but isn't strickly in the rules. I modified Production of fuel, petro to make more gas. Making a gallon a day is silly and a waste of player time.
07/14/2020 - I've removed the limitations from development points from standard and 100 year after campaigns. I feel stronly this needs to be in the rules, so YMMV with characters generated under the actual rules of the game. If you feel that players abuse this, stick to the non-standard chracter types, such as 0-day or Zombie, both limit development points.

07/12/2020 - I scaled back on the attribute points a bit. Some in standard but more so in unlimited, as unlimited characters were superstars with 35 in attributes. 07/12/2020 - ENC problems. When a player or GM "SWAPS" an item from an inventory to another inventory, the receiving inventory didn't update until either the grand_enc (GM looked at his manage_players page) or the player checked their inventory. You would think that would be enough. But players were using the base inventory numbers on "Players Start Here" rather than looking at their actual inventory sheet. I expected players to check their "Hands" settings before combat, thus updating the final ENC, but I guess not. I've added a grand_enc that looks at specific sides of the swap to prevent this issue. Specifically one player's inventory keeps being way off right before combat. It defies logic why that is. Fixed now. I also expanded some logging of the swap function so I can find out who keeps doing those swaps into his inventory right before combat. Also GRAND ENC was counting arrows incorrectly. They were spanning all characters rather than just the one checking.
The system caculates action phase for shots and swings for must things. However, bears have a PCA of 8, so no. I've updated it to use any PCA including 8 and above.

06/29/2020 - For gun hits when more than one round hits, there was a generic location display that showed location numbers so GMs could tell players where they hit. I've made that a map with dots so it is quicker to read.

06/20/2020 - Major update on Shotguns. It seems that shotguns were of a specific caliber then the shell type also. So we needed a "12 GA Shot" gun and a "12 GA Buck" gun. A player switching between them would delete one and add the other. I've stripped all of that out and now you have a pull down on the details page where you pick the ammo.

06/11/2020 - Take All will no longer suck the fuel out of the fuel tank and drain the battery.

06/07/2020 - Random NPCs in DAT were wearing hidden armor. It appears that as new ones were generated, they would just wear the armor of the last one. So guy 1 wasn't too tough but guy 8 was the staypuff guy of armor.!

Naming of NPC opponents was a bit wonky. The "#1 #2 #3 Guy" was annoying. I have updated so they no longer do that.

06/02/2020 - Players weren't paying attention and were moving vehicle fuel and shoving it in storages. That will not work. Fuel and EV charge can now only be moved to other vehicles.

06/02/2020 - AWS RDS test is complete. It costs about $13.00 a month to run i314.org on RDS, so it is a bit expensive, since this site is not that well utilizied. I like RDS and I will likely use it in the future for commercial sites, but for this home grown site, it just isn't worth the money. We are not back to the local database.

05/24/2020 - DISABLED and DAZED status for PCs wasn't working in DAT very well. I adjusted it so that it is easier to use.

05/24/2020 - "Look all of the bad guys are CLONES!" Dang Angus and is observation skills. Ok, they all did have the same DRT. So now Custom Opponent NPCs will now have a 10% variance in DRT and BAP when they are loaded.

05/20/2020 - Added skill scores to the HTH calculator, it was almost set up anyway. That makes it quicker. I also went over the BCS calculators with a fine-tooth comb and made sure the calculations were correct and that it show up correct on the DAT screens. I noticed that shoot over/around cover was broken. Not any more. The data sent from the calculation page now shows on the DAT screens in a more verbose format. I realized that some GMs might not know the situation and restrictions table by heart, so 'object -1' might not mean anything. I also expanded the help mouseovers to cover all acronyms. I expect most people to know what a BCS is, but I expanded it for them anyway.

05/19/2020 - Time front editor (Hidden on Admin menu) changed to make time fronts run at 1-6 mintues if they are moving. The old numbers were impossible to support in game play,

05/18/2020 - Hunting, Hunting, Hunting. Something has been wrong with the hunting numbers since I made that dang hunting calcualtor. One girl can't walk into the woods with a bow, come back out in a few hours and feed a group for a week. That isn't how hunting should work. Fishing the same way. I remember being a kid and my dad would go fishing and sometimes he would come back with fish, and sometimes he wouldn't. He never got enough fish to feed us for a week. Not in a stream or river. Maybe on the ocean with a giant gill net boat, but not in a stream. I took another look at it today and noticed a programming error. I started my loops at 0, so they would do a 0 and 1 loop before ending. That really doubled the production! Once I fixed that, now fishing and hunting are more realistic. People actually can go out and come back with no fish!

05/18/2020 - added some self checks to learning rates.

05/17/2020 - Sometimes it is just easier to calculate BCS for NPCs with the caclulator. The current BCS caclulator for PCs wasn't working becuase there was no generic function. I've added a copy of it for NPCs where it simplifies the CDA/Movement. Rather than calculating it, just ask the player the ODA and input it.
Also beasts were not working properly with the Open Phase. I adjusted it. Seems the Open phase wasn't set, so it was reporing different values to the players than to the GM. It now reads the table instead of remembering it. Also the attack options for NPCs was always shown. That added a line. It now only shows in the attack phase.

05/12/2020 - I've been working to make the login free testing work. That way, people who don't want to create a login can get an idea of how it works. It was one of the things David Harmer said that too much stuff needed login. Now a potential DM can run a DAT with test characters and random opponents. That shows off the capabilities.

05/11/2020 - Database at AWS caused a few issues. First, all databases needed to be converted to InnoDB rather than myISAM. Then the database time changed due to the server time. So queries that used the time stamp and things like < two hours ago, stopped working. That is a problem. I should timestamp records rather than using the default mysql time stamp.

05/08/2020 - My parties have been running from spot to spot looking for stuff. That is great, but the issue is that it is takes time to whip up this random crap. The bazaar is a great idea because it creates a location that the players can see. The random gear table, makes a nice list that I can hand out, but players don't want a list, they now all want to see it and touch it. So the random location generator will do that. Generate it, remove stuff that you don't like and turn it over to them. It can be done very quickly.

05/06/2020 - Moved the mySQL database to AWS RDS as a proof of concept test. It appears to be working really well. Updated a bunch of tables with new indexes because the RDS connection is a bit slower. Correct indexes were a big help.

05/03/2020 - Downgraded Naginata to STR 3.

05/02/2020 - "Force Pick up Packs" on DAT screen to force players to pickup packs at the end of combat.

05/02/2020 - Update "All Storage" to see globally rather than just in storages. Players were looking for books and it is painful to look in every inventory. Updated Crafting Supplies to properly add and subtract items.

04/14/2020 - I added a line to the mouseover on the DAT and DAT information screens for HTH weapons that tells the GM what weapon skill the BCS roll is for. This is helpful in determining stance without asking.

04/13/2020 - Blocks didn't work. A player said that it wasn't his fault his character was over weight becuase he didn't put the supplies in his backpack! In other words, YOU the GM put them in my backpack, I didn't make that choice. Technically that is true. I guess he could have carried them in his arms at twice the ENC.

I have added 4 backpack types 2,5,10,12,15 ENC. (Ok, one of those isn't a backpack, it is a purse, so yea 4 backpacks).

04/10/2020 - Finished the blocks. Character can no longer delete or move inventory except reduce or add bullets. (since they should be doing that during DAT). They have no access to crafting supplies at all, since those are by default inside their pack. They also can't drop their pack once DAT starts. Each of these functions can be done by the game master. Once players get use to this, it will no longer be useful, but in the beginning we need to enforce this to prevent players from adjusting invetory, such has readying weapons after combat start. There is a cheat still available. They can do some stuff with storages that really wouldn't be allowed if I felt it was worth coding blocking it. At this point, they can't swap or delete in storages, so adding stuff will not really help.

04/04/2020 - Players can edit their inventory after DAT starts to reduce ENC. This needs to be done BEFORE DAT, so my first block for this is to add an ENC lock that prevents changes before DAT starts. When the GM hits RESET, the ENC locks and will not change until it is RESET again.
This prevents players from changing location of equipment in DAT. It kinda pissed me off when ENCs kept changing every time I refreshed my screen becuase players were handing things around. This will no longer happen.

04/03/2020 - Crits now tie back to guns and HTH. When you go from the gun damage or hth damage pages to the crit screen via the link, it allows you to roll the crit and return to the page with the crit (Added BDG, Number of rounds or WDM addtion stored) so that you can resolve the damage with the correct modifiers. I also did some work with the way packs work to make them cleaner. I redid the armor add, which wasn't putting armor in the correct set.

03/23/2020 - Added two sample characters to the GM list for people who are not logged in so that they can use the DAT display to test it. They had the ability to add opponenets, but not PCs. (Becuase it gave them access to inventories) I said, screw it and added two PCs that they can mess with. Provided the invetory doesn't change, they should be fine. I also cleaned up the DAT and DAT information screens a bit more. The player side wasn't refreshing properly and I added the gun types to that screen. I also worked on some issues with generated opponents. It is all much cleaner now. The this_player and this_storage pages are also cleaner, the * and ** for ENC now displays properly. I made adding and removing player storage accounts cleaner. Mostly so they are quick to add in groups when you start a new game (or test something). I fixed a bunch of issues with crafting supplies and logging. The logs are now fairly robust. The GM can see when players add or remove bullets and crafting supplies. This is to facilitate the monitoring of supply usage in the game. It takes so long to say, "Ok, subract one food for each character" then try and figure out if it was done. Now the logs just show it. I also cleaned up bows and missile weapons, which were bad... really bad. I fixed the add armor pages so they work the same for players and storage. The idea that armor can be added properly now is refreshing.

03/18/2020 - Eliminated the step between applying damage to beasts and NPCs and the DAT screen. This should make things a bit faster. I also added Beast and NPC before and after hit points so the GM can access before they apply damage. This is on the Gun and HTH screens. This all comes down to watching Dan. As I watch him run DAT, I started to see all of these slow downs where he is looking at the screen navigating rather than running the table. These are really only seconds, but when a combat lasts 4 rounds with 6 players, then 5 seconds here and there adds up rather quick. Assuming 3 shots per action, that is 18 actions per round, 72 per combat for the players. If each page update takes 5-10 seconds, then that is an additional 6 - 10 minutes of Dan looking at his screen waiting for updates! That is horrible. Streamlining could save 10 minutes out of an hour combat!

03/13/2020 - There was an issue when the page udpated, sometimes it seemed like the page CSS was not loading fast and the page would display with a text format rather than the full CSS view I would expect. This has been and issue for years. I've done everything I could think of to stop this slightly annoying, but not really important issue. Found it today. I've been using .ico images for favicons since 2000. Apparently this .ico was loading slow. I 'defer'ed it and that fixed the problem. I then replaced it with a .png. That seems to have double fixed it. I suspect that .ico images were not properly being cached as that format is no longer widely used.

03/12/2020 - Cleaned up Packs a bit. Players no longer can access the swap, delete and change buttons on a pack page. It seemed to me that a player could go to that page and swap an item into their inventory. This would remove it from the pack. So anyone else to "TOOK" the pack would be missing that item. This could be done by mistake, so a player might mess things up just doing what they do normally. This will no longer happen. Packs are now non-editable. With that said, the browswer and player need to not want to do something bad. It would be easy to get around this, so it isn't a secruity feature, just a way to prevent mistakes. We assume that players and GMs are basically honest. There is no need to lock this thing down and prevent cheating. Most everything is logged so if there is cheating we would be able to find the cheater. Don't play with cheaters, problem solved. I'm more interested in preventing people from mess with games than I am with avoiding cheating.

03/11/2020 - So I'm developing my new game and I wanted to have an enemy that was a privmative guy, sort of like a cave man. So I put him into the "Custom NPC Generator" and he comes out wearing a gold chain, nice pants and tennis shoes! Yea, not so primitive looking. I've updated the generator so GMs can now pick the type of shoes, shirts and pants the character is wearing.

03/09/2020 - All players now login with their character name. I've added expanded tracking as part of the crafting supplies and bullets thing. Aftermath is the kind of game where we want to track bullet by bullet, bite by bite stuff. The system now notes when a player removes food or bullets. This allows GMs to track this stuff easily without any real effort.

03/04/2020 - Little trick. The ENC for player characters only calculated when a player accessed their inventory page. So, if they went to the bazaar, got a ton of stuff and then never looked at their inventory, the ENC never showed up. Neat trick! So now when the game master goes to Manage Players, it does a quick recalc of every player character's and NPC's inventory. This calculates the full inventory and updates the total ENC number displayed on the page.

03/04/2020 - I like optimizing my characters, through I don't call myself an optimizer. I just sometimes wonder, hey what would be better? I've always wondered about armor types and if my character is really getting the shaft in ENC values. With the addtion of the reinforced and quilted armor, it is totally possible that a specific piece of armor is way too heavy. The armor details page now helps understand where a character is at this level.

03/03/2020 - Complications with supplies. The Bazaar has supplies. Poly drugs could realistically show up in a bazaar since they are supplies. Unfortunately, supply pricing was simply 4 to 8 BP per item. DISCOUNT POLY DRUGS! Ok, I've made all crafting items have a base price. The base price for Poly drugs is 25, so never less than 50 in the market. More likely higher.

03/02/2020 - Supplies when I first setup the backpack we started putting stuff in them. Then drugs started appearing in the pack, then food, then... well supplies. Backpacks are better suited for items. Supplies and consumables are best stored as supplies. I'm moving supplies over now to that and removing them from backpacks.

03/01/2020 - Loot disaster. It takes too long for the GM to loot stuff FOR the players. I've offloaded all of the loot functions to the players DAT Information screen. As a shortcut, I've set them lootable once they are marked DEAD by the GM. Obviously characters would not be looing during combat, but players might as well get a jump on it and loot as they go. This will make combat/looting resolution go faster. I've also made it possible to loot beasts that are not zombies. (I got a laugh when it allowed me to loot a dead guy and get 1 unit of natural food. I fixed that.) Due to the weight of Natural Food, it is suggested that players not loot animals until after combat when they can spend time distributing weight if they can't send it to a storage.

02/28/2020 - I'm getting ready for my new game and I wanted to do something with armor. Normal Aftermath! armor is a mix of armor that have been made and exisitng armor. In many campaigns, that is fine. In a 0-day campaign, perhaps the armors will just be armor that people have been able to pick up. Common Clothings in the bazaar is that type of armor. Basically stuff that you might find at Dick's.

02/26/2020 - With the updates to DAT Information, it is now possible to resort the PCs and NPCs on the DAT display. Sorting is essential because if PCs were added in the wrong order and with all NPCs, they were not in the correct turn order (Highest SPD first). Now when RESET is hit, the display will resort both PCs and NPCs based on BAP then MNA. Sorting puts them in proper turn order. One side effect of his is that NPCs no longer go by their numbers. So where it was possible to run #1, #2, #3... the NPCs now go by BAP, so the order is more or less out of order. Since GMs controls this, it isn't a problem. We use little number counters on the NPCs, so they are easy to track and find on the display. The issue here is the PCs and NPCs have always been huge memory arrays with embedded arrays. The problem with arrays with arrays in them is they can't be easily put into a database. The main array can be imploded (stored as a string, but that has issues and doesn't work if there is an array inside the array). PC and NPC armor and weapons are an array inside the character's arrays. So, putting them into a database is problematic and a ton of extra coding. I did place the main data for both in MySQL tables for the DAT Info display. Fortunately, I created a key for the arrays that I store in a separate array. That array can be rebuilt in the proper order! That is huge since it is a simple foreach loop that puts them on the web page. If they are sorted by BAP in that array, then they come out on the screen in that order.

This makes running the table in DAT easier because the correct order is on the screen.

02/24/2020 - If a player adds a gun, an empty magazine comes with it. If a player swaps a gun, the magazine(s) swap with it. If a player deletes a gun or a magazine, the bullets are stored in their inventory. If a player has two of the same gun and they delete it or swap it, a mag goes with it. The mag will be the one with the least bullets in it.

02/24/2020 - Added a new set of armor (set 3) also allow players to store armor in their pack. Armor in pack has an ENC of x2. This was not possible before, now it is.

02/24/2020 - GMs can now delete skills from character sheets.

02/23/2020 - Update slingshots to have at WDM of 2.5 not 1.5 if they are called via a generic run. Players still get the correct WDM from the inventory. Updated storages so they can pull the more fancy bows which only players could add.

02/21/2002 - Added "Supplies" to players inventories. In the past all "Supplies" were kept in storages. Due to the weight players wouldn't really want to carry them. However, it is possible that players may be forced to carry food and water at some point. So, I've added supplies to the player inventory. It is assumed that all supplies are in their backpack. I also adjusted the weights of supplies to be book accurate for food and water. (i.e. a lot heavier since now it matters)

02/16/2020 - Quivers now weigh 1 ENC. Before someone could put arrows into a quiver at no cost, but the arrows remained at full weight. I now take half the weight of the arrow, but charge and extra 1 for the quiver itself.

02/15/2020 - I took for granted that a GM would think an NPC got their WDA when firing a weapon. (Expect in the special case of a rifle and polearm). That was silly. The DAT and DAT Information screens now take into account WDA only when not shooting.
Shields now need to be in a hand for the sheild to show up in combat damage calc.
Autocombine was taking bullets of different types (hollow point for example) and magically making all bullets in the inventory that type.
Explosives now have a value in the bazaar if "on special".

02/09/2020 - the system now fully support flexible weapons by automatically choosting entangle for flexable weapons and calculating damage based on the entangle formula with no extra input from the GM. This was a huge task, I now remember why I didn't like players taking Flexible Weapon. It is now very workable in the game for PLAYER CHARACTERs. NPCs can use them, buy some shortcuts, such as assuming nonexisting DFT (assumed to be 15) attributes are taken.

02/09/2020 - I found it annoying people didn't pick names for the characters in the generator. They would get a name like Noname342. Finally got done with that so I now randomly assign a sir name to the character rather than Noname###.

02/05/2020 - Dan wanted a "Repeating Crossbow" for the game. While I was adding it, I realized I had accidentally used bow reload times for crossbows. Crossbows reload at Pull/(STR * Assist). So with a windlass a 30lb crossbow loads in 1 turn for STR 15 characters. Crossbows are again effectively nerfed, one shot, and drop.

01/31/2020 - Angus discovers a flaw in Thrusting and Missile Special Effect that cause low effects and less impaliments. Fixed.

01/16/2020 - Add quick links for weapons and guns to the DAT screen so the GM doesn't have to click into a player to resolve their attack. Slow internet is making that hard. If the weapon is not ready, the player should ready it, or the GM can click the link to show all weapons.
I also added STR GRP to the HTH list for player pages for use when the player is calculating Two Weapon combat.
For characters with multiple guns, it is hard to remember which gun I'm resolving damage for. The screen now states which weapon I'm caclulating.
Armor details call armor things like QS reinforced. On the details screen, it now expands those out to things like High Quality Steel for player who don't know the codes.
The GM version of the character sheet is now more compact so characters don't have so many pages if they have a ton of skills.

01/16/2020 - More Thrust tweaks. When thrusting, the damage is reduced by -1 to your STR Group. However, it does not reduce character's ability to use the weapon. So a STR GRP 3 character can thrust with a STR 3 weapon, but the damage results are at Group 2. The character does not get a penalty for using a weapon beyond their STR GRP. A flaw in the caclulations was reducing the effective STR group to 2, then giving the -1 STR GRP penalty for using a weapon they were not strong enough for.

01/14/2020 - Remove all Rigiplast and Ballistic Cloth that was quitled or Reinforced. Technology to do that wouldn't exist. That would be the same as making new RP or BC. Just no. Update: Yea, so this update erased ALL of the armor on EVERY character. I restored that back, then I took any character with BC or Rigiplast and made that armor the base for that armor.

12/30/2019 - P+ ammo is all the rage now. I added it to the guns. 15% increase to BDG, which is being kind. Really critical misses with P+ should be worse too. If characters fall in love with it, I'll modify critical misses too.

12/29/2019 - So if you are using a HTH weapon where your STR is too low to use the weapon, a character should get -1 to their STR GRP. Turns out their STR grp was getting nerfed. No one every used weapons they couldn't fight with so I don't believe it every came up, but it is fixed now.

12/27/2019 - Roy Holder pointed out that opponents generated were not being named Leader properly. Also if users were using NoSCRIPT plugins, they couldn't use the character generator. Both updated.

12/25/2019 - I better defined how to make grenade launchers and rockets. Grenade launchers are firearms and require that path. Rocket launchers are empty tubes that launch propelled grenades, so complex explosives is enough to build them.

12/25/2019 - Blacksmithing prereq was not being checked in character genration or on the skills list.

12/24/2019 - THRUSTING, THRUSTING! Ugh. Oh yea, Thrusting is a -1 STR GRP for HTH weapons. You thrust, you do less damage. Guess what? Some weapons require thrusting. Knife Spear for one. It isn't S,T it is just T. So the good news is you get a +! to your BCS for your trouble. That is now clearly displayed on the character inventory.

12/23/2019 - Cheater Part 2! I found a character with 56 development points spent. That should be impossible. I put in a lot more checks to prevent these run away characteres. I found some clean POSTs that I fixed as well. No idea how that strange character was made, but it shouldn't happen again.

12/23/2019 - Cheater! I found myself cheating! I totally forget my recoil when calculating mid-phase shots. Very stupid. I've updated the BCS calculator to also calculate recoil for mid-phase shots. Then I added everyone's guns, ranges, BCS modifiers, recoil modifiers, stuff for crossbows and such. Much easier now to get a good BCS for a firearm with a recoil.

12/22/2019 - Removed Sale Bin and Bazaar from Storage Mangement.

12/22/2019 - Only GM can sell the Sale Bin so they can adjust the totals.

12/22/2019 - When looting, all loot just goes to one locations. It is faster and the players can sort it out later.

12/22/2019 - Restricted crafting classes that didn't make sense from showing up in the bazaar (like currency).

12/22/2019 - Stopping effects on gun_damage now include added BDG from crits and messages now reflect that.

12/8/2019 - Beasts now pull from the database. Random beasts can be anything except zombies.

12/7/2019 - Development points are still a problem. Limiting points to 25 attribute incrase points allowed a player to use 59 points (25*1D3) to add to their attribute. This 59 year old character was a super ninja. These are crazy numbers. I've changed the limit from 25 attribute increase points to up to 30 points to increase attributes on a Standard Character. That is anywhere from 10 to 30 attribute incrase points, depending on the rolls. Character version incrased from 3.8 to 3.9 to reflect the change in development points max.

12/6/2019 - Added 100-year after chracters.

11/27/2019 - Players can now use speciality ammo on their guns (Power Shock, Armor Piercing, FMJ). This is set under their gun details. The system has supported special ammo, but it did not allow players to choose special ammo. Special ammo is now supported in inventory and in magazines.

11/26/2019 - Allowed gun damage for shotguns to swap buck or shot on the fly in the damage caclulator. Players still need to select either a shot or buck gun, but temporary overrides are now possible.
Update more things to use the 'common' ammo setting. Also added a "Only My Guns" settings to add a magazine. Rather than looking at 120 magazines, a player can now just see his weapons. Normally players only add mags for guns they have in their inventory. It is still possible to add others, but it is easier to add.

11/25/2019 - Complete overhauled the BDGs for all of the rounds based on real world data. The BDG is the Muzzle Energy of a round divided by 100. This is fairly simple, there is a formula for muzzle velocity and bullet grain in Book 3. All of the existing BDGs have been updated. All are now consistant with real world data (which was not easily available when the game was published.)

11/24/2019 - "Players Start Here" page was displaying inventories that were marked as "Not Allowed", so that has been closed off so player can no longer see and remove items.

11/24/2019 - Fixed some display issues with bullets in inventories.

11/24/2019 - Made it possible to easily remove 20 bullets from a stack of bullets on characters and storages.

11/24/2019 - Updated "add to bazaar" for most items, it now calculates the BP properly. I also added support to make special and normal gear have specific barter values which allows for more custom pricing on items being sold. The truck load of beer the players found was difficult to work with. BTW: a case of beer is 40 bp, if you are wondering.

11/24/2019 - Made it easier to move large amounts of gear for storages and player inventories to support sales at the Bazaar.

11/24/2019 - Updated Learning Rates. Gifted and Expert teacher was not adding two points. (rare anyway) Also players were not properly getting bonus for 9+ talent.

11/18/2019 - Updated grenade damage calcuator to better handle damage against the thrower if they are in the frag zone. It was confusing and the use of the term "Blast Zone" was also confusing. It was really the Frag Zone, so it was renamed.

11/18/2019 - Updated critical miss to look nicer. It now shows only the critical miss for the type of action that is missing.

11/18/2019 - Clarified that CRITICAL damage is caused when HTH weapons cause critical damage.

11/18/2019 - Updated Healing Rates to better calculate critical damage.

11/18/2019 - Updated machinegun to work better with zombie hords. Now can hit up to 24 targets.

11/18/2019 - Updated fuel production to be easier to use and to indicate more details about the process.

11/17/2019 - Change the way hit locations work. It is another one of those "I can do it in my head" things that other GMs struggle with. I've never had an issue with a hit being location 4 or 5. The program showed 4/5 and I quickly determined 4 or 5. Later I added exact caculations, but didn't update the graphic. Now the graphic show location 4 or 5, which ever is correct.

11/15/2019 - Fixed a reported issue of storages not deleting proper. A clean up routine was added and it didn't work properly as the tablename was defined properly.

11/8/2019 - Added a gear category for explosives. Due to the requirements for the bazaar to have barter value assigned to a lot of things, adding explosives type of gear makes calculating BV really easy.

11/1/2019 - Added the Bazaar. A quick setup store with a large variety of items that players can move to their inventory.

10/22/2019 - Added quick actions to DAT display so GMs don't have to go to another screen to enter actions for players and NPCs in combat. Added some crafting elements.

10/20/2019 - Added the bazaar. This is a random store generator that generates a store, called a Bazaar, that allows the players to look at the store contents and allows them to move it directly to their inventory. This also automatically (and somewhat roughtly) determines the barter points for everything in the sort. Since these can vary wildly in different games, the system allows you to add a multiplier. For example in my 150 year after campaign guns were 10x as expensive.

8/22/2019 - Lots of cosmetic work on the site. Lining up buttons (Thanks Kelly for making me worry about that kind of stuff.) I also modified the way hunting/trapping output is calculated.

8/10/2019 - Crafting. A GM who is running a game loves the crafting systems of various RPGMMOs, so he has been harping on me to adjust the crafting system to be more robust. Aftermath! has a lot of crafting, but it is all poorly defined, and all crafting is done differently. There is no cohesive system that is used in all crafting.

I've defined each type of crafting in Aftermath! and introduced the idea of Kits. Kits are used to make crafting easier. Crafting can be done without a kit, but it takes longer. Not all crafting takes a kit. Not all kits are for crafting. Serious, you could get lost in book 3. I've added all of the types of crafting to the menu and show what is required as input to calculate the output. Kits are discussed in book 3.

I've added books to the system. Book 3 talks about books in one or two places, they can be used to replace teachers, but the learning rates table doesn't mention them. Basically, with a book, you get +1 like you have a teacher. If you use the DAT random opponent generator, you'll see books on opponents that can be looted.

Interesting side notes: It takes a week to craft using a still and your character can't do anything else. It takes a week to craft with fermentation, but you don't have to take any time to watch it so that you can do other things that week. Fermentation takes supplies (yeast and such) and food. So making wine or beer removes food. Fuel Production requires a Lab Technique roll, you use Fuel Production skill to setup the lab.... ugh...

7/14/2019 - Lockpicking... Ugh, it was just ugly. I've redone the whole lockpicking system. The times where a bit strange. Given real world numbers, the game numbers seemed to be strange. I was calculating it on a one minute clock, but I personally can rake a simple lock in seconds. The numbers for Safecracking were also really low while locks took too long. The new numbers should be more realistic. They are also still plenty random. Some locks are easy and quick and some just don't open.

7/03/2019 - Preparing to move to PHP 7.3. I've made several updates, removing Blowfish and other small changes. I also switch the email sender to Amazon AWS as it was still using Sendgrid, which my free account stopped working.

5/31/2019 - Thank you to David S. Harmer (yes, that David S. Harmer)for going over the character generator and giving me his input. (and finding an issue) Players may use up to 15 development points that add 1D3 to attributes rather than just their initial attribute incrase points. Note that the 15 point level is not a rule, and can be turned off, but several GMs have stated they must have that rule to prevent 69 year olds turning into a 20 year old Bruce Lee through attribute increase. Also David gave a semi-official ruling on ENC CAP it is 3*STR GRP + DFT GRP. (as shown in the example, not the text).

Characters that are 3.5 who are edited will get the development points recacluated to the new 3.6 format. So if you haven't started using at 3.5 character yet, edit it and get the free points.

5/19/2019 - A kind user pointed out that the IP blocking system was confusing. The idea is to keep bots and people who just want to screw with a GM's game out, but not to make it difficult for players. Apparently I failed. I've updated it now so that if one player in a location logs in, everyone at that location is able to see everything. This was already the way it was for GMs, but now this includes players. There is no more IP restriected screen. (Oh, yea, I didn't notice all of the updates said 2018, I just copied the line below it. Updated to 2019.)

4/19/2019 - Armor can now have sets that the player can swap. I found a need to be able to swap between two sets of armor. One for one mission type and one for another. Players can now set and add armor to two sets of armor. (Really, this could be 3-5, but two should do it. If it doesn't tell me.)

4/3/2019 - Added Exotic weapons to the system. These are those ray guns, lasers and blasters that no one ever uses.

3/24/2019 - Weapons survivability has been such as drag. If the armor is format R and AV >= 6 or armor >= 8 then roll a D20 less than weapon survivability. Let us see that is an armor location lookup; an armor format look up; weapon survivality chart determination and a D20 roll to see if it breaks. That is more work than anyone can do in a game. It would take a minute just for a player to roll these each attack. Now included automatically when attacks are made with HTH weapons and bows/crossbows (arrow/bolt breakage). Also included in barrier break attempts.

3/22/2019 - DAT Info page added to the player page. This allows players to get basic info about who they are fighting, DRT can be hidden or all information can be hidden.

2/27/2019 - Bangs head on keyboard... ok, so now I've added WDA to the character sheet. I know it is just score/20, but hey, some people.

2/24/2019 - Add a weapon, Brawling Punch to the weapons list. This gives the proper WDM and modification for weapon length, namely, the ability to get a +1 in the same hex.

2/24/2019 - When "Add Opponents" was used, the opponents had a very limited armor selection. The AV was controlled well, but the choice of armor was not. I've opened it up so opponents will have a stranger mix of items. I want to see a guy wearing Football pads!

2/24/2018 - ODAs on the main DAT display were INSANE!!! It appears they were adding themselves in a loop. That is fixed now.

12/20/2018 - Updated bows to have more information and only show arrows in DAT manager if the arrows are in the inventory. Updated armor details page to sort. Updated clothing list to search for specific location. Also remove legs from Arm Harness. No idea how an arm harness covers legs. It gave me a headache thinking about how that would look. Updated Posions and added a new category LOCALIZED. These are poisons that only effect a specific body part. Like from a scorpin or spider bite.

11/26/2018 - Kurt Feltenberger pointed out that unlimited development points could be spent to increase attributes leading to 68 year old characters who were Bruce Lee at his prime. Development points have been limited to 15 to make older characters more realistic. Characters generated this way will be marked verison 3.5 characters. GMs can login and go to password reset to turn this off for themselves.

11/11/2018 - Moved site to Cloudflare. Update favicon which was not on https.

10/28/2018 - Updated recoil effects. It wasn't taking STR into account if the Score was higher than 100. Recoil is (Score-100)/5. So if you have a 120 score (20/4) You should have 4 recoil reduction.

8/23/2018 - Change a lot dealing with moving items from character inventories, store inventories, loot lists. I also added Magazines for weapons so you can track the mags that characters have. This ties into the inventory stuff for encumberence. I also added a "DROP" location where players can temporary drop and item and make it unavailable to them in their inventory, but not lose it from the program. This helps when a player might drop their rifle before DAT to unencumber. Mostly when a player uses the drop function, it means left it behind someplace, not on the ground in combat.

8/23/2018 - Changed all of the ugly colors on the site. When I added a few colors it was nice, after a while it was a sea of ugly boxes.

8/04/2018 - Added crafting materials tracking for bases. When players want to craft, we need to track how much crafting materials they have.

7/01/2018 - Update the way running is tracked in DAT.

6/28/2018 - Opponents place into DAT can now be edited, so different HTH and Guns can be swapped in if something specific is needed. Often NPCs don't change or get new weapons in combat, but I planned a combat where they would, so this supports it.

4/22/2018 - Reputation was not calculating correctly. Reputation should add positive and negitive reputation and give a final number. It was not.

4/15/2018 - A ton of updates for PHP 7. Thanks to everyone, and mostly to Roy H., for pointing out any lingering errors.
The PHP 7 upgrade cost us all of the login info, so new logins are needed for everyone. The system works much faster now.

12/20/2017 - If a zombie attacks a player, there is a chance of infection. Attacks that exceed the armor value by 100% on non-rigid armor and attacks on areas with no armor are infection risks. Who can remember to do that. I've added a function to the DAT attack matrix that indicates when infection is possible.

12/20/2017 - Update zombie hit rules. Headshots should be common. They were not very common in testing. I've shift it to make them very common.

12/20/2017 - Removed a memory leak on the Armor list page that would delete the last PC if DAT was active. (foreach loop).

12/08/2017 - Yep, sling and slingshot are format 3 skills and Rocket Launcher??? removed!

11/22/2017 - For generated opponants, I made it possible to directly transfer their weapons, gear and armor to Player Characters. This makes post combat looting much faster.

11/22/2017 - Generated characters didn't match the PDF vs the view page. On the view page, the Attributes did not contain the MOD value (The change due to age) It was on the PDF, but not the view. This affected age group 0,4 and 5.

11/22/2017 - Added Zombie Enclaves, small groups of people huddeled together against the zombies.

11/19/2017 - When players are added to DAT, they now show up on the top menu. This prevents a lot of scrolling around looking for them. It should make paging faster.Á

11/19/2017 - I've modified loot storage so that items can be "Given" rather than swapped. This allows the GM to provide an item to more than one player or to keep an item that is common in the loot storage so it doesn't need to be looked up each time.

10/11/2017 - Switched to Invisible reCAPTCHA after normal recaptach stopped working for GM logins.

9/10/2017 - Added Hand and a Half damage to the system. When a 1 1/2 handed weapon is used with 2 hands, it gets a +1 gropup modifier. I was doing those manually, but it now askes if you are using 1 or 2 hands on the integreated one. The generic one, just set the pulldown for 1 extra str group.

9/10/2017 - Created Zombies as a beast and added special zombie hit rules to the hit charts for automated hits and damage.

9/09/2017 - Double skills were not being marked if they were in format ATTR + Talent + Talent. Seems this caused issues with Pathology, which required Chemistry.

9/03/2017 - Added some Aftermath! Zombie details to both armor sets and beasts. I added the special Zombie hit table under Aids.

7/22/2017 - Modified the HTH hit damage page to know which weapon was being used. This allows it to check STR against required STR for weapon and allows the damage type to be know so that we can display Lethal and Subdual damage rather than total damage.

7/22/2017 - Add a character sheet to the DAT page for player characters.

7/13/2017 - Add a player information page, which is basically a web page that a GM can create on i314.org to point their players to character sheets, inventorys and other sites. GM must be logged in to see these options.

6/18/2017 - Bugfix in Gun Damage. Spare period causing a problem.

6/17/2017 - Bugfix the Travel Time to actually caculate daily travel time correctly. It was not dividing daily time by 10. Expanded daily travel time from 10 hours to 24 hours, since it is within the rules to force march. Added implications of that.

6/17/2017 - Bugfix character generator to show Estetic skills properlty on FINAL page.

6/17/2017 - Removed Version 2 from printed character sheet.

6/17/2017 - Made all of the site https://. I also started logging changes a bit more realistically like a real project.

01/15/2014 - The main goal is to get a chracter creator online so that it will be easier to roll characers. This is a huge time consuming thing, we need to have the ability to generate characters.

I played around with the site for about 2 years before really getting the character generator on line. At this point still hiding from FGU.

10/20/2012 - Started site development in PHP. The prior program was in BASIC and was abandoned in 1996 when the wife said she had enough of having friends over to play Aftermath!. Developing in PHP 4.6, the newest and most cool version of PHP.

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