Pharmacy Output Calculator

Pharmacy Production

This Skill represents the character’s knowledge of the techniques necessary to produce particular drugs. A successful BCS means that he has remembered the technique correctly. Critical failure means that he only believes that he has, and the end product will be something else entirely.

This Days's Production:
Lab Efficiency:

Character's WT:

Pharmacy Lab

Crude Lab 0.3
Mobile Lab 0.5
Proper Lab 0.7
Pre Ruin Lab 0.85
If any of the Lab Technique rolls should be a 20, the resultant drugs will actually be poisons. The formula is left to the Gamesmaster but it is suggested that it reflect the formula or effects of the drug that was supposedly being synthesized. A Pharmacy BCS roll, modified by the Effect Number from the roll which produced the poison, will detect it at the end of the process.

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