Bow Pound Pull Calculator

Can My Character Use This Bow?

Recurved (Standard) BCS Mod Actions to Reload
4 x STR Group >= RF unusable  
3 x STR Group >= RF -4 2
2 x STR Group >= RF -2 1
1 x STR Group >= RF 0 0

Compound Bows

Modify STR Group +2 - Use unmodified STR group for reloads


Range Up To   STR Group Mod
Point Blank 5m +1 +1
Effective RF x STR Group 0 0
Long 5 x RF x STR Group -1 -1

NOTE: There is a simple way to determine the best bow recurve or compound.

Recurve take your STR Group and get a pull in that range: STR Grp 3, use a 24lb bow.

Compound add 2 to your STR Grp. STR Grp 3, that is a 44lb bow.

If you go to a 55lb bow, your damage goes to 2D10+2 vs 2D10, BUT your rate of fire goes to one every other action. Thus your DPS get cut in half.
STR Grp 3 - 24lb bow, 44lb compound bow!

Details for lb Bow

Range Factor = Pound Pull/10
Durability = Range Factor/2
ENC = Range Factor/10


  BCS mod WDM
Improvised Shaft & Fletching -3 1.0
Target Arrow 0 1.8
Hunting Arrow -1 2.0
Barbed Arrow -2 2.5
Shown NPC

Character Skills
Sample PC 2 Crossbow
NOTE: Characters shown here are sample characters for your reference. If you log in as a GM and add characters to your game, the characters shown here will be those from your game.

Note to Players: Information here is considered metagaming. Your character should not reference or use these numbers in game to determine who should roll for specific skills.

Arrows BCS Mod.
Aluminum or Fiberglass Shaft +1
Suitation BCS Mod.
Archer's Ring +1
No "Bracer" -1
Interfearing Clothing -2
Sights in Use +1

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