Recurved (Standard) BCS Mod Actions to Reload
4 x STR Group >= RF unusable  
3 x STR Group >= RF -4 2
2 x STR Group >= RF -2 1
1 x STR Group >= RF 0 0

Compound Bows

Modify STR Group +2 - Use unmodified STR group for reloads


Range Up To   STR Group Mod
Point Blank 5m +1 +1
Effective RF x STR Group 0 0
Long 5 x RF x STR Group -1 -1

NOTE: There is a simple way to determine the best bow recurve or compound.

Recurve take your STR Group and get a pull in that range. So for STR Grp 3, use a 24lb bow.
Compound, add 2 to your STR Grp. For STR Grp 3, that is a 44lb bow. If you go to a 55lb bow, your damage goes to 2D10+2 vs 2D10, BUT your rate of fire goes to one every other action. Thus your DPS get cut in half.
STR Grp 3 - 24lb bow, 44lb compound bow!

Bow & Crossbow Details

Range Factor = Pound Pull/10
Durability = Range Factor/2
ENC = Range Factor/10


  BCS mod WDM
Improvised Shaft & Fletching -3 1.0
Target Arrow 0 1.8
Hunting Arrow -1 2.0
Barbed Arrow -2 2.5

Inherent Accuracy

Crossbows have Inherent Accuracy +3
If Combative + 3 < Crossbow BCS

Can My Character Use This Bow?

Arrows BCS Mod.
Aluminum or Fiberglass Shaft +1
Suitation BCS Mod.
Archer's Ring +1
No "Bracer" -1
Interfearing Clothing -2
Sights in Use +1

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